What are the innovations to put in e-commerce to improve sales?

What are the innovations to put in e-commerce to improve sales?
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Designing an aesthetic website with strong SEO tools alone is inadequate when it comes to alluring your customers.

Enculturating certain innovative attributes to your e-commerce website not only improves sales, it improves your brand value as well. Let us see some of the innovations you could adopt to your e-commerce website to improve sales.

1.Power of Habits: Wondering? “ why on earth” would anyone discuss habits while talking about improving sales? Well, you would have known if you are an avid reader, and got your hands on the book “Power of Habits” by Charles Duhigg. By now everyone is aware of Target's pregnancy predictor! Target pregnancy predictor predicts when a woman is due with her baby! Target decided that, If they could identify women who were pregnant and get them into their store, they would grab them before anyone else could.

They began by diving deep into Target’s baby shower register to analyze the shopping habits of women he knew to be pregnant. Since the women provided Target with their due date, They were able to link that with their purchase history to identify the trimester in which she made that purchase. With all of the information gathered, they were able to identify around 25 different products that, when used in a mathematical model, could predict what trimester a woman was in, and when she was due.

Once applied to all of the women in Target’s database, the algorithm identified hundreds of thousands of women who were likely to be pregnant along with their due dates. Target could send them ads directed at products they would likely buy at the perfect time when their shopping habits were most malleable. Target would increase their revenue by millions even if only a fraction of the women and their families continued shopping at Target.

This is huge! This is Data science behind shopping habits. If only we could track and know the shopping traits of every individual, it is easy for us to predict what they like to buy and recommend those in their feed to improve sales!

2.Integrating AR features:

The E-Commerce market is still trying to bridge the gap between the user experience at a physical store and online shopping! Till date many opt for retail shopping because they can touch and feel the stuff. Well, the e-commerce industry is struggling to bring the feeling of being in a store and trying out products. Many big brands are opting for digital storefronts like “memory mirror technologies” powered by RFID tags to allow shoppers to try on virtual outfits before making a decision. Take Lenskart for example, they have a 3D try on feature that you can actually see how the frames will look on you at 180 degrees' angle. So with AR integration we can buy the one that suits as well without going to a physical store. This is just the start of the “In-store Digital Experience.” As the technology catches on, customers can expect a seamless shopping experience, one that bridges online and offline shopping.

3.AI powered personalization: From the instagram feed, Youtube recommended videos feed or even Netflix, it is completely personalized and unique for everyone based on their likes and interests or posts that have max screen time. Well, this is now adopted in e-commerce sales, by providing each customer their personalized shopping options and discount or offers to certain products that they are more likely to buy at that time. This is done by AI integrated platforms and using machine learning. When we present a customer tailor made feeds and recommendations of the products that they are most likely to buy, it improves the user experience in your e-commerce platform thus improving the sales and enhances shopping experience.

4.Voice-powered shopping: In 2020, there will be 4.2 billion digital voice assistants being used in devices around the world. Forecasts suggest that by 2024, the number of digital voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion units – a number higher than the world's population. For instance, take the case of Amazon’s Alexa. When a user asks for a product recommendation, Alexa is likely to show results having the “Amazon’s Choice” badge. This is a huge benefit for e-commerce sellers who have partnered with Amazon.

Experts predict that with the soaring popularity of these voice-activated speakers, voice-powered shopping will become as common as desktop browsing in the next few years.

5.Chatbots to handle customer queries: Chat bots which helps businesses to give automatic replies to users queries through WhatsApp, SMS & Websites without deploying any employees at backend and Its future of friction less and instant business communication. Their lightning fast responses, accurate info, 24 x 7 availability, meeting all customer demands – big and small – make chatbots the future of customer service in online shopping.

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