Tips to create eLearning platform using Udemy clone

Tips to create eLearning platform using Udemy clone
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Some important tips to successfully create an eLearning platform using Udemy clone app

Udemy is one of the largest American MOOC sites providing eLearning platform. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online courses available globally for anyone to enroll. MOOCs provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, to advance your career and deliver quality educational experiences at the comfort of your home.

Udemy clone app is an exact replica of the Udemy app with some minor changes and customization without compromising on its quality and performance.

Some important tips to successfully create an eLearning platform using Udemy clone are

1. Know your Niche

2. Know your Targeted Audience

3. Active Learning

4. Do not compromise on Quality

5. Cater to all learning styles

6. Keep it short and simple

7. Be Original

Let’s briefly see how each of them helps your targeted audience to get hooked to your content. Once you bring about necessary changes based on these 7 important factors, indisputably you will have the most pre-eminent eLearning platform.

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1. Know your Niche: Always start with what? What are you going to cater? What is your theme? Is it Art, Music, Science, Coding, Data Analytics, Self Help, Management skills? It is important to know about what you are doing! Now you have the “What”. Once you decide your niche, check how much demand it has in the market. You can see how high on demand is your niche with the help of Google Trends. Who will be interested in selling something no one is interested in? So, make sure the niche you are bringing to table is high on demand. For example, “Online Yoga/ Workout” was the highest in demand topic under eLearning platform after the pandemic.

2. Know your Targeted Audience: Now here comes the “Who” part. Who is your targeted audience? To know who are your targeted audience you have to know your “Why”. Why Learners have to apt for your course? What will be the end result after taking up the course? How the course is designed? What knowledge they would have gained by the end of the course. When you Why is clear, it drives the right set of learners/ students to your course.

3. Active Learning: Active learning engages learners/students in activities that make them understand the topics better and it helps them to have a deeper knowledge about what they are learning. You can include activities like Role plays, case studies, short demos, group discussions, just in time teaching, debates, peer teaching, group projects.

4. Do not compromise on Quality: “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” ~William A. Foster. Everyone can start an online education platform, what makes you unique and stand out is how you deliver.

5. Cater to all learning styles: Every student/learner is unique, each have different learning styles. The four core learning styles are visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. For example, if a student is a “visual learner,” a verbal lecture alone might leave them feeling unengaged, confused, and frustrated. So, include videos, audios, slides, eBooks, Practical demos or Do it Yourself activities.

6. Keep it short and simple: It is hard to engage learners for a long time, attention span varies for everyone. Getting to the nitty-gritty helps focusing on the lecture without any distraction. At the end of the day, it is not about how many hours you taught, its only about how effectively you delivered.

7. Be Original: Make original content, have your own style of teaching and retain your authenticity. It makes a huge difference.

Udemy clone app is all about learning, sharing, teaching and networking of tutors and students around the world. The app has provision for uploading study materials, eBooks, questionnaires, videos and other files. Udemy script is the readymade code that entitles you to own learning management software wherein students get a similar experience to the existing online learning platforms like coursera, Lynda etc.

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