Are you healthy...legally?

Are you healthy...legally?

Sure, you eat right and exercise to help make sure you don't get sick. But are you protecting yourself from legal risks?

Everybody now know that preventive medicine is the best form of treatment for our physical health. If this understanding of what is best for our bodies is common sense, why not have it apply to our legal health as well?

Many people believe that lawyers are a “necessary evil”; you only see one when you absolutely must. However, the worst time to hire a lawyer is when you need one. Preventive law practice aims to identify and manage legal risks before they become legal problems.

When people engage with a lawyer proactively they are more informed, happier, healthier and most of all, they spend way less money on legal services throughout their lives. Preventive law is empowering, allowing people to take control and seek more opportunities using the law to achieve their dreams, instead of just hoping nothing goes wrong then dealing with the devastating consequences of legal illness after the fact.

Preventive law philosophy can be used in all aspects of our lives: planning our estate, business start-up and growth, being informed prior to signing real estate transaction documents and especially when starting a new relationship and combining assets. Preventive law guides you through your legal risks and responsibilities, so you don’t have to spend money to navigate it after something goes wrong.

Brown Lawyers promotes preventive law philosophy and legal wellness in our community. Call us if you are interested in learning more about preventive law and what it can do for you.