How To Choose Healthy Foods While You’re in Braces

How To Choose Healthy Foods While You’re in Braces

After a visit to the dentist, choosing foods that are easy to eat will help to keep you well-fed and pain-free.

Whether it’s a routine cleaning or you’ve just had your braces adjusted, your mouth can feel very sensitive after a visit to the dentist. When it comes to braces, the soreness can linger for a couple of days. Warm salt water rinses and wax (provided by your orthodontist) can help to manage any tenderness of the lips, cheeks and gums and an over-the-counter analgesic will help to manage pain. And as far as staying well-fed during those tender days, there are several good food options:

• yogurt

• soft cheese

• soft tortilla wraps

• muffins

• rice and pasta

• mashed potatoes and steamed veggies

• scrambled eggs

• ice cream and milkshakes

We often recommend healthy smoothies for our patients after they’ve had an appliance fitted, braces put on for the first time, or just had an adjustment. There are a lot of recipes available online or you can make-your-own with the fruits (and, veggies too!) that suit your taste buds. At our house, we pre-fill baggies with frozen fruit, spinach, and avocado cubes. It makes it easy to grab a serving, add your liquid of choice, and hit spin on the blender. Smoothies are great for breakfast (especially if you’re taking it to go) or as an afterschool snack.

Britton Orthodontics, Burlington, brushing teeth with braces

Food for Braces

Here’s our favourite Britton Orthodontics mix:

• ½ cup of frozen fruit (we mix sweet fruits with some sour like cranberries)

• 3 tbps of Greek yogurt

• ¼ cup of spinach leaves or a couple of frozen cubes

• 1 tbsp of frozen avocado cubes (or ¼ diced fresh avocado)

• 1 cup of rice/almond/cashew/dairy or water/juice

**if you’re using fresh fruit instead of frozen, add some ice to give it some crunch and keep it cool**

Britton Orthodontics, Burlington, brushing teeth with braces


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