Holistic Wealth Management – Ask Brian Farley, The Financial Guy

Holistic Wealth Management – Ask Brian Farley, The Financial Guy

Knowing your clients family dynamics and understanding their financial picture will keep their best interests in place at all times.

As a Potential Client - Are We a Good Fit?

A Holistic Wealth Management Advisor encompasses all aspects of your financial circumstances, such as debt, your investment portfolio, and insurance protection, including the emotional satisfaction of the client. As you continue along in life and accumulate assets, you often require the help of multiple services and working with a holistic wealth management advisor who understands your goals through all stages of life, is important. You work hard for your money. At Four Point Financial, we work hard with you to protect your capital. We work with individuals and business owners to provide a 100% customized approach to wealth. Transactions happen, life events happen, taxes happen and all of these require coordination.

How do you find new clients?

Most new clients come through current clientele or by referrals. We do not do cold calling. Our happy and satisfied clients want to share the expertise they received with those they know who may benefit from Holistic Wealth Management

Four Point Financial, Brian Farley, The Financial Guy

New Clients

Can you provide testimonials from past clients?

Absolutely, here is a testimonial from Greg of Angus, Ontario. You can read more testimonials on our Website

‘Brian listened to our long-term goals and he provided us with a comprehensive plan of action. Throughout the years he has met with us regularly, discussed and updated our financial plan and advised us with regard to purchasing new funds and insurance where necessary. He always provides us with options and makes sure we understand the pros and cons of all the decision we make financially. Providing clarity and an action plan for our financial situation have been the greatest advantage of working with Brian and his team.’

What does the first meeting look like?

We have the best interest of the client in mind at all times. We want to understand their complete financial picture.”

Open ended questions to understand the clients complete financial picture might be:

• Where does the client stand with their money (net worth statement)

• What is the family dynamics?

• What do you do with your personal time?

• What is important on a day to day basis?

• What are your expectations from the advisor and

• What are your goals with your money on a long term basis?

Brian Farley, The Financial Guy, Four Point Financial

Brian Farley, The Financial Guy

What are the Next Steps?

We put together a plan based on the client’s needs and net worth, and structure suggestions in regards to their investments, insurance, what to keep or get rid of, always keeping in mind the right portfolio for each client.

We meet with the client to discuss the Plan of Action and how they like the plan. How often we continue to meet depends on any concerns or needs of the client. When you are in your mid thirties, you may not need to see an advisor as often in a year as someone who is retired or planning their retirement. At the end of the day, the growth of your portfolio needs to feel comfortable and if it is not working for you, we continue our conversation and address it.

Sometimes life changes during the year, (divorce, illness, disability) and finances can be affected. Having a healthy dialogue with a Holistic Wealth Manager Advisor enables everyone involved to look at all situations and talk about options so the portfolio works successfully.

Brain, The Financial Guy would love to get to know you and can be reached at Four Point Financial

Call: 905-690-5045

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