4 Questions You Want To Ask Your Financial Advisor!

4 Questions You Want To Ask Your Financial Advisor!

We know visiting a Financial Advisor can be intimidating - so before you go, here are 4 questions that can help you feel confident in your decisions!

#1 Can you help me take finances seriously?

Many individuals taking the steps to get financial help really need it.  They may require coaching or discipline to understand how, and the importance of saving for the future. After all, a vast majority of Canadians haven't saved enough to comfortably retire.

A "tough" advisor is your best friend.  They can't make the ultimate decision for you, but they sure can play the bad guy and keep you on track.  Finding an advisor that isn't afraid to say things you don't want to hear may be a big plus in the long term.

As a financial advisor, we succeed when you succeed - so our job is to make sure you take all of your fiances seriously.

#2 Should I put money in my TFSA?

Every single advisor should be supporting you opening a TFSA.  It is one of Canada's strongest tax saving programs ever! Every year, you can put money aside and it can grow TAX FREE. Incredible.  Do you have your TFSA started? Let's hope so, because this could be an amazing part of your retirement fund.

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#3 Can you double my money?

This is a loaded question. How an advisor answers this question, may give you a huge indication as to how much he/she wants the sale vs. how much they want to provide you long-term advice.  Four Point Finanical believes strongly in consistently saving, consistently investing, and consistent hard work.  If doubling money were easy, everyone would do it!

#4 How often will we meet?

One of the most valuable pieces to any relationships is meeting in person.  There is something about looking an advisor (or client for that matter) in the eyes.  Meeting on a regular basis will allow decisions to be made, targets to be established and trust to be built.  Getting consistent communication from your advisor? Priceless.

Ask your own questions!

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Four Point Financial, Brian Farley

Four Point Financial, Brian Farley