Family is Everything to Us

Family is Everything to Us

At Four Point Financial, Protecting Family Finances is important to our business who has been serving the community for three generations.

Hello, my name is Brian Farley

Why Do I Do What I Do?

We have a family history in the industry of Wealth Management. Both my mother and father chose the industry to help other families have Peace of Mind. They got their passion from my grandfather who was also in an insurance and investment business.

A big part our household conversation was to understand finances and often it was table talk in the family, so it comes naturally. We love helping families and small businesses and educate them on how to make great investments, but more to understand their finances, good debt and bad debt. Everything they bring in and everything spent is connected.

Four Point Financial, Brian Farley

Brian Farley and his family


You work hard for your money. At Four Point Financial, we work hard with you to protect your capital. With a strong diversified approach, we work with a team of financial providers to customize your complete wealth management needs.

We believe the right-hand needs to talk to the left-hand.

What does this mean?

It means your wealth management can't be random. Transactions happen, life events happen, taxes happen and all of these require coordination. Communication with our clients is vital and key. Sometimes taking the time to think about your direction on a regular basis is what is needed to continue on the right path. Four Point Financial takes particular pride in its relationships with clients and working with ALL of your professional advisors.

We focus on a balance of not only financial goals but equally support the need to achieve life goals.

We would love to work with you and your family, Brian Farely

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Four Point Financial, Protecting You and Your Family

Four Point Financial, Protecting You and Your Family