Three Common Misconceptions About Chiropractors

Three Common Misconceptions About Chiropractors

Are you worried about that article you read, or what your aunt said last Christmas? Here are three misconceptions about chiropractors!

Making the decision to work with a new health care professional can be daunting - especially when there is so much conflicting information to be found online, from co-workers, family, and friends, and even from your own previous experiences.

We partnered with Breslau Chiropractic and Massage to shed some light on three common misconceptions about chiropractors to help make your decision a little less stressful!

Three Common Misconceptions About Chiropractors

1 - If You Go Once, You Have to Go Forever!

There’s a common dialogue around the necessity of having to continue to visit your chiropractor for life after just one visit - and that is entirely false! Each individual that makes a chiropractic appointment has different goals - but the most frequent reason is that they are in pain at that very moment.

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Chiropractors use specific styles of treatment to best help their patients - so while pain relief is the primary, immediate focus, part of the treatment is education and active care.

This means providing instructions for exercises to do at home, what type of movements to avoid, and what you should focus on strengthening.

“At Breslau Chiropractic and Massage, we always tell our patients that we can give them immediate relief, but that it is up to them to fix the underlying issues at home with the exercises and stretches we provide.” - Dr. Oscar Alba, Breslau Chiropractic and Massage

2 - Chiropractors Can Only Fix Your Neck or Back

This couldn’t be more wrong! While treating necks and backs may be what chiropractors are best known for, chiropractors complete comprehensive doctorate degrees, and are able to diagnose and treat all aches, pains, or injuries coming from tendons, muscles, joints, nerves, and ligaments.

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Chiropractors can also provide treatments beyond adjustments, like acupuncture, IFC, laser, ultrasound, and exercise regimens to help manage and relieve your pain and symptoms.

3 - Chiropractors Crack Your Bones

Chiropractors do NOT ‘crack’ your bones - period. The primary therapy chiropractors use is called an adjustment. These are specific applications of pressure and movement designed to re-introduce flexibility into your joints. This is done to decrease pain and restore function to the joints. The ‘cracking’ or ‘popping’ sound people often hear is caused by gas trapped in the spaces around the joint that escapes during the adjustment or manipulation.

Breslau Chiropractic and Massage takes a different approach from most health care professionals when it comes to mitigating pain. Instead of only trying to fix the symptoms – pain, immobility – the Breslau team works with their patients to find the cause of the problem and treat it, in order to provide their clients with longer-term, more sustainable relief.

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