Can a Chiropractor Fix Back Pain?

Can a Chiropractor Fix Back Pain?

Chiropractors are known as the solution to back and neck problems - but certain types of back pain require less frequent adjustments and more strengthening.

As all back pain sufferers know, there’s nothing worse than not knowing how to relieve your current back pain (and how to avoid it coming back). Chiropractors are a great resource to turn to when you suffer from back pain, but they help in very different ways depending on the type of back pain you’re experiencing.

Pain Type #1: You're Too Stiff

Patients with stiff muscles, joints, and ligaments experience pain due to the lack of mobility. Any muscle, joint, or ligament in the body will get achy if it’s not moved for long periods of time (like sitting at your desk all day). Spinal manipulation performed by a qualified chiropractor and stretching exercises are the solution, both short and long-term, for this type of back pain.

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Spinal Manipulation Can Help Stiff Muscles

Your chiropractor can help relieve your immediate discomfort with an adjustment, while at the same time getting the muscles and joints moving again. They can also provide you with the exercises and stretches to do at home to help keep your muscles moving and avoid more issues in the future.

Pain Type #2: Your Muscles are Too Flexible

You might not think being too flexible is a problem, but hyper-mobility could be the source of your back pain. When a patient is too flexible, their joints are moving too much, resulting in strained muscles and ligaments that are constantly working to stabilize. When these stabilizing tissues around the joints get tired, the joints in your back stop moving - causing pain.

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Hyper-Mobility in Your Joints Can Cause Serious Back Pain

An adjustment may initially relieve pain and restore movement to your joints. However, your pain issues will persist unless the stabilizing tissues are strengthened. Frequent adjusting can actually worsen your condition as it can increase the movement in your ligaments, causing hyper-mobility in your joints.

Core, lower back, and gluteal strengthening exercises will solve the problem, while stretching will fix the symptoms.

Your chiropractor can diagnose which type of back pain you are experiencing, and work with you to create a treatment plan that provides short term pain relief and an on-going strategy to help avoid pain in the future.

Is your back pain persisting despite your current treatment plan? Not sure which type of back pain you’re experiencing? The team at Breslau Chiropractic and Massage has years of experience helping their patients diagnose and treat their back pain.

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