Secret Gifts of Love: Sending Flowers Anonymously

Secret Gifts of Love: Sending Flowers Anonymously

Sending flowers anonymously is a novel and kind gesture, but you still need to put in some thought to get it just right. Let Brant Florist help you!

Secret Valentines, Secret Santas, we like to show affection to someone without them knowing who you are! Sending flowers anonymously is just like that. When you send flowers anonymously you know that someone somewhere has a better day because of you, while you have the thrill of anticipating whether or not they realize who sent the gift!

As Florists we often send flowers anonymously for our customers. It could be a gesture of sympathy to someone going through a rough time. It could be a sign of affection for a friend osimply being a good friend and letting the deed speak for itself. Oftentimes, though, it’s a hidden crush, and we’ve all had those. There’s nothing wrong with sending flowers anonymously and we definitely encourage it, but it’s helpful to have a good understanding of the social elements associated with it.

The Right Message to Make Them Smile

Every great gift starts with a sentiment. The lovely bouquet you’re sending is more than just pretty flowers, it’s a message. What do you want to tell your loved one? Do you want to show you’re thinking of them on a special occasion? Did they recently do something nice for you or accomplish something grand? Or maybe it’s simply “You mean a lot to me” or “I love you.” Chances are, we know, it’s “I love you” if you’re thinking of sending flowers anonymously. Maybe you want to tickle their fancy before confessing how you feel, or let the suspense build until they figure you out. Maybe it’s your way of testing the waters to see how they’d react to someone being interested in them.

Whatever your motives are, the flower itself that you send carries a meaning; all flowers do. Romance, condolences, congratulations, friendship, excitement, etc. Here’s an easy one: red roses, a common symbol of romantic love. If you have a secret crush on somebody and want to express your feelings by sending flowers anonymously, by all means go for the obvious gesture. But if they’re already involved with someone (a pretty common scenario), consider sending flowers that affirm your friendship instead. On the flip side, you want to make sure your sentiment doesn’t get confused for something else; it would look pretty silly if you gave them a gift that screamed “romance” when you wanted to show your sympathy shortly after a funeral. Brant Florist’s expert florists can tell you all about what their various flowers mean and which one would be perfect for what you want to express.

When You’re Figured Out

When you send someone an anonymous gift, flowers or otherwise, be aware of the possibility that they can figure out you’re the sender or get a hunch that will never go away. That may sound obvious but hey, you’re sending flowers anonymously for a reason. If you never intended to be figured out, don’t worry; chances are they’ll be overjoyed by the surprise gift and appreciative of your kind gesture, and that’ll be that. Now, if you intended to be figured out, what are you going to do to follow-up the flowers? What happens next when your secret lover figures out how you really feel? A sweet and creative way of asking them out, perhaps?

Next Steps

Now that you’re a little wiser about sending flowers anonymously, it’s time for the fun! Check out Brant Florist’s catalog and ask them to deliver the flowers of your choice anonymously. You may even want to speak to them directly about your situation, they may be able to give you some expert advice on which flower to send. Brant Florist has a vast selection of flowers and offers special messages or gift cards with anonymous deliveries. You could anonymously send something fitting for the fall season, like this country pumpkin!

What are your thoughts on sending flowers anonymously? Have you done it before? Are you considering it? Any advice, flower suggestions, etc. you’d like to give?