Flowers & Gifts for the Kids in Your Life

Flowers & Gifts for the Kids in Your Life
about 1 year ago

Flowers for kids you say! Yes, what a great way to engage the kids in your family to the joy of gardening and the beauty flowers give to our lives.

Getting your kids involved in gardening and planting different types of flowers is a great way for them to discover a love and appreciation for flowers and a fun family activity.

Sending flowers as gifts to children is also a great way to introduce them to the world of flowers and plants. We’re not just talking about any flowers when it comes to kids, we’re talking floral arrangements.

The fun and exciting flower arrangements and gift items at Brant Florists are sure to brighten any child’s day!

Sending flowers for kids’ birthday is a really great way to show that you’ve noticed their growing up and more sophisticated.

Brant Florists Burlington, Flowers for Kids

Teddy Bear, Chocolates and Flowers

Sunflowers are a great way to start a child gardening. They require sun and water and a little love to grow tall and strong. and a mature plant provides seeds for them and the birds to eat.

Sunflowers are also ideal if you’re looking for flowers to give to children in a vase, they’re easy to care for: you’ll only need to re-cut the stems and change the water after 3 days and keep them in a sunny spot.

Our Sunny Day Pitcher is a great item to take to a BBQ, or pool party.

Brant Florists Burlington, Flowers for Kids

Sunflower Vase

What about a floral birthday flower cake! A slice of birthday cake is fun yet how creative and colorful would it be to have a birthday cake bouquet of roses, carnations and mums on their special day. Birthday candles top it off in festive style.

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Flower Birthday Cake

If you want to stick to tradition we know that kids would love to receive a bouquet of beautiful roses, daisies, daffodils, tulips, and gerbera’s– their stunning colors will definitely catch a child’s eye especially when they are set in a happy face vase, car or truck and balloons.

Carnations are a classic, and they’re one that we love to see in floral arrangements. Something that we find appealing about carnations is that they’re easy to work with both when getting your kids in the garden planting and also in unique floral arrangements.

At Brant Florist you have a huge selection to choose from. Check out the website and either give us a call to order or order directly online.

Brant Florists Burlington, Flowers for Kids

Flowers for Kids