What to Look for when having Flowers Delivered

What to Look for when having Flowers Delivered

Whether you send a single rose to a loved one or fill a reception hall with multiple bouquets, a reliable experienced flower delivery service is essential.

What you see in the window of shop may not indicate quality service from the florist. Take the time to research your options and interview florists to make sure that you're hiring the right people for your special day.

1. Start your search early

If ordering flowers for a special event, remember the demand for flowers changes with the seasons so don't wait until the last minute to find a florist who can meet your needs.

Christmas triggers a lot of sales, as does Valentine's, and Mothers Day. Wedding season is May through October. Floral services are in high demand during these times so be sure to order early.

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2. Read reviews, ask for suggestions

Getting recommendations from others who are customers can be helpful. If you need flowers for a big event such as a wedding, ask friends who were recently married for their advice.

3. Know the florist's delivery area

Make sure that your florist delivers in the area where you need the flowers and arrangements delivered. Brant Florist will send flower throughout Canada, the USA, and internationally.

4. Visit the shop for a consultation

Florists usually offer free consultations. When booking a wedding or a large event, call ahead for an appointment, as you may need to work with a specially trained employee.

Often Florists have several arrangements on display and should have a photo album showing work performed by their designers. If you plan to buy a very elaborate, large or unique piece, ask to see a photo of something similar that they've done in the past.

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5. Talk price

Ask about a florist's price range for the type of flowers or arrangements that you plan to order. If the quote seems high, ask about lower-priced alternatives or packages that can help cut costs. You should also ask about deposits and payments: Review your contract and make sure to find out whether the deposit is refundable. If you do pay a deposit, get a receipt.

5. Ask about substitution policies

Fresh flower bouquets are perishable. Sometimes, flower shops have difficulty sourcing specific varieties and colors. Ask florists about how they handle supply problems. You should also find out whether there will be any change to your price quote if the florist has to substitute flowers.

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