Making Sense of the Senseless with Neurofeedback

Making Sense of the Senseless with Neurofeedback

Trauma, grief and loss can be gripping and rob a person of their ability to move forward in life.

In one of our testimonials on our website (under posts) you will read about how a mother lost her son tragically. Understandably the emotional pain was excruciating for her. She spent time trying to process what happened in order to  somehow release the grief that was gripping her. It wasn't until she included neurofeedback in her approach that things shifted for her. She didn't forget what happened, but she could make better sense of the senseless with more mental flexibility.

The most effective trauma work does not involve reliving details of a traumatic event. Trauma is not stored in the language areas of the brain, rather it is stored in the sensory areas of the brain. Therefore, a combination of different approaches which engage the body and sensory processing can be helpful such as somatic experiencing, working with parts from the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach, sensorimotor psychotherapy, EMDR, trauma centered yoga, and neurofeedback.

If you know someone who is stuck, neurofeedback at Brain Prodigy may be able to help.