Eating at Boon Burger Reduces Our Carbon Footprint

Eating at Boon Burger Reduces Our Carbon Footprint

Being environmentally conscious is no longer a matter of preference but more one of survival. Living in harmony with nature not adding to the existing problem.

For much of its history, humanity didn't have to worry itself about the waste it left behind. For most, Earth seemed to be the entire universe and, by extension, endless. But in more recent times, however, this notion has changed and the amount of waste we leave behind is putting a great strain on the very thing that's keeping us alive.

Being environmentally conscious in this day and age is no longer a matter of preference but more one of survival. In a manner of speaking, Earth is forcing us to evolve or get out of the way. Following a sustainable lifestyle is doing just that - evolving. At Boon Burger, we are all about living in harmony with nature and not adding to the already existing problem.

Our goal is to make every ingredient we use sustainable. This means that an overwhelming part of our menu is either organic, fair-trade, or locally made, so as to put as little strain on the planet as possible. Being environmentally conscious also means that we don't use deep fryers or microwaves and reduce our waste to an absolute minimum. The small amount of scrap that's left behind, which is no more than a bag per day, is either recycled or composted, ensuring a small carbon footprint.

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Small Carbon Foot Print

Our fries are oven-baked, which means that they take up to 45 minutes before they're ready. Though labour intensive, we are more than willing to do the extra work. Our entire menu is animal and gluten-free. We use only the highest quality plant-based ingredients that are, ultimately, the better choice for both our health and the environment.

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Oven Baked Fries

At Boon Burger, we like to raise awareness to the animals' unnecessary suffering by offering 100% cruelty-free food that's also delicious and healthy at the same time.

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Thank you for helping us be part of the solution.

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