What's The Secret Ingredient?

What's The Secret Ingredient?

We value healthy ingredients, 100% cruelty free food, our staff, our customers, our community and our environment.

World’s first vegan burger cafe!

Welcome to Boon Burger Cafe'

The word ‘boon’ means bean in Afrikaans (South African language). It also means a blessing, a benefit or something to be thankful for.

Boon Burger Burlington

Boon Burger Burlington

We make the best vegan burgers. At Boon we strive for excellence in food quality, food consistency and taste. We believe that every meal we serve eliminates needless animal suffering. Our food is better for the environment as well as our health.

We pride ourselves in being...

  • Environmentally conscious and produce LESS THAN one bag of garbage A DAY!
  • Food that is all made from scratch, and we do not use any deep fryers or microwaves.
Boon Burger Burlington

Boon Burger Burlington

  • Staff that is the heart of Boon and they are masters at what they do.
  • A workplace that is safe, comforting and inspiring.

We are very proud to offer a 100% animal-free, plant based menu. With your support, it is our goal to make every ingredient sustainable. A large part of our menu is organic, local or fair-trade, with new ingredients being added regularly.

Check out Our Love’N’Every Bite Burger

(Only available Valentine's Day)

Boon Burger Burlington, Sustainable, Vegan Food,

Boon Burger Burlington Love N' Every Bite Burger

Spring Is In The Air

Now that the weather has finally started to warm up it’s definitely optimal ice-cream eating weather and we’re still serving up our famous, coconut-milk soft serve in cups, cones, and 10 oz to-go bowls.

No, gluten-intolerant ice-cream enthusiasts, we didn’t forget you. We also carry gluten-free cones (while quantities last)!

Boon Burger Burlington

Boon Burger Burlington

Thank you for helping us be part of the solution.

Come and Visit Us

399 Elizabeth Street, Burlington, On.

905.632.boon (2666)

Open daily: 11am - 9pm

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