How to Improve the Business in Different Situations

How to Improve the Business in Different Situations

Since the recession there has been plenty of debate about how consumers and companies will approach green issues now that times are tight.

Many are arguing that environmental concerns are a luxury that we can no longer afford and that as people don't have as much disposable income, the green movement is destined to end. Here we are defining the entire points about this topic through Business Plan Writing Help.

Environmental issues for Business

  • During the peak of environmental awareness, seemingly every business and political party was morphing their image into a greener, more considerate brand (just look at the Conservative Party logo for an example). But now that times are tight, will these same brands look to continue their quest towards more ethical sourcing or will a reduction in income dictate that they opt for the cheapest option?
  • For decades, arguments have raged over the impact that humans are having on the planet, and not a lot really changed. Over the last few years however there has been a noticeable shift in the attitudes of politicians and industry when it comes to green matters.
  • The green movement has seemingly made a breakthrough into the conscience of the general public and forced a change that was more apparent than we have ever seen before. Most of us now have council issued recycling bins, supermarkets are reducing packaging, the plastic bag is being hunted to extinction, things that we took for granted for decades are now being replaced by more sustainable alternatives. You can also get the additional information from our Business Plan Writing service with several benefits.
  • Even electric cars are evolving into something that is comparable to their petrol fuelled counterparts, with the hydrogen fuel cell set to change the way we power our cars in the not too distant future.

Business Environment for Emerging Economy

The concept of social legitimacy is based on the premise that business relationships between a company and a particular stakeholder will not irresponsibly damage the legitimate interests of other stakeholders. Legitimate is used in a broader sense than legal. It implies an entitlement which is recognized by others as correct.

  • Justification: Justification means that the action is acceptable to both affected and interested parties. Very often the affected party is being overlooked.
  • Confidentiality: Despite the need for openness, in some areas, such as customer data, employee data, citizen data and others, confidentiality is crucial. It is a source of added value to these groups.
  • Sincerity: Sincerity excludes pretending and leads to doing what is right, not only is what dutiful. It covers also honesty, respect for others and adherence to promises.

The importance of the above mentioned pillars is interrelated and changing in different situations. Within the democratic and market reforms in post-totalitarian countries, these pillars themselves are being built / re-built. In the transition and adjustment periods, there may be tensions or even conflicts among individual’s pillars. The most problematic relations are between legality, legitimacy and justification. We may assume that the reconstruction of the entire legal system and functioning of courts is at the core of this disharmony.

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