Spring is in the Air Time to Declutter and Clean Up

Spring is in the Air Time to Declutter and Clean Up

Decluttering and cleaning your home is a good start but let’s not forget the most important home – YOUR BODY. Bodhi Bar has the answer.

With the winter months behind us, we can now begin to shed our bulky clothes and walk the city streets with our backs straight, no longer huddled up by the cold and freezing wind. It's also the time for that good, old-fashioned spring cleaning.

It would, likewise, stand to reason that we treat our bodies with the same care. In some sense, they are more of a home to us than our actual houses, wouldn't you think? A spring cleanse would be a welcomed treat and Bodhi Bar has three great solutions for that.

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Bodhi Bar Fresh Juice

Bodhi Cleanse Packages will help reset your body's chemical composition by allowing it to eliminate toxins that have built up prior, during, and after the winter holidays. They offer your digestive system a more than welcomed break, detoxifying the liver and supplying your many tiny cells with all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong.

Juice Cleanse 101

The Slimmer Bodhi Cleanse Package

This 3, 5, or 7-day cleansing package will be sure to make you feel grateful for the arrival of spring. It contains four separate 'concoctions,' each with its own use.

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Slimmer Bodhi Cleanse

The Stronger Bodhi Cleanse Package

This particular package is sure to help your muscles wake up from their winter sluggishness. The Power Glow blend will offer you the necessary healthy proteins while the Recovery and Ready is a post-workout delight.

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Stronger Bodhi Cleanse

The Bodhi Beautiful Cleanse Package

To bring back that personal glow, the Bodhi Beautiful Cleanse Package is the perfect one for you. It will be sure to make you feel like the spring itself.

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Bodhi Beautiful

Delivery Option

If you're living anywhere in between the Greater Toronto Area and the Niagara region, these healthy cleansing packages will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Stop by for a fresh cold-pressed organic juice, organic smoothie, organic health shot, organic tea and organic cider and ask about our Bodhi Cleanse Packages.

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