Blending versus Juicing: Does Your Body Need Fibre or Nutrients?

Blending versus Juicing: Does Your Body Need Fibre or Nutrients?

Smoothie or Juice? Which is better? How do I decide? The good news is that they can both be great for you, so there's really no wrong choice!

The differences between smoothies and juices come down to fibre and nutrients. When you blend fruits and veggies, most of the plant fibres of the fruits and vegetables are preserved - providing your body with much-needed natural fibre.

Fibre can help lower blood sugar, help cut cholesterol, and may even help prevent colon cancer and hemorrhoids - and keeps your digestive system healthy and functioning properly.

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Smoothies are great when you need some extra fibre!

The problem with blending is that it creates friction (heat), which breaks down the nutrients in plants.

The reason raw fruits and vegetables are better for you over cooked ones is the same for juicing over blending - raw and juiced fruits and vegetables provide you with all the nutrients (rather than cooking or blending them out!).

With cold-pressed juicing, however, the fibre is filtered out - so you end up using more fruits and veggies to make a cold-pressed juice. More fruits and veggies = more phytonutrients!!

Phytonutrients are easy for your body to absorb - because there’s nothing for your body to break down. We use organic fruits and veggies too, which contain more vitamins and minerals than their non-organic counterpart. Because phytonutrients in organic cold-pressed juices are highly absorbable,  they are superior to any supplement!

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So next time you are deciding between a smoothie and juice, ask yourself what your body really needs! Does it need some help clearing out your digestive system with increased fibre, or does your body need a break from digestion and with a flooding of nutrients? We recommend a healthy mix of both!

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Juicing is not for everyone. Check with your healthcare provider first, especially people who are pregnant, underweight, diabetic, have unstable heart disease or low blood pressure, or who have life-threatening health challenges.