The Benefits of a Juice Cleanse: Weight Loss!

The Benefits of a Juice Cleanse: Weight Loss!

More than 70% of Canadians struggle daily with being overweight - a simple juice cleanse can help you get back on track.

This article is part one of a three part series on the benefits of juice cleansing.

Most of us are addicted to unhealthy foods - and it’s tough to break the cycle of addiction to saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, excess caffeine, and alcohol. But breaking free of these addictions is crucial to long-term success with your weight-loss goals.

A juice cleanse can help your body detoxify and provide you with a clean slate for starting a new nutrition program! How, you ask?

Eliminate Harmful Foods

Juice cleanses eliminate dairy, wheat, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, and  toxic preservatives, nitrates and other chemicals from your diet. By eliminating these harmful foods, your body isn't taxed with the task of filtering out toxins in your food. As a bonus, when progressively returning to “normal” foods post-cleanse, you can easily figure out which foods might be the cause of an intolerance or allergies.

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Only Goodness Here!

Easy Food Decision-Making

Nothing says "diet-buster" like scrambling to figure out what to eat for dinner - especially when it results in grabbing something unhealthy on the go. While cleansing, your juices are all prepared, packaged, and totally transportable! So no grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, or thinking about your next meal!

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You won't even have to THINK about food prep - just amazing nutrients delivered to your body!

Reduce Your Appetite

After you complete your juice cleanse, your stomach will feel lighter and smaller, helping you to feel full with less food. So there’s no need to go back to bad eating habits, like overeating and binge eating!

Lose Weight!

All of the above will help you lose weight - especially when combined with the increased energy you’ll feel! Some of the weight you’ll lose will be unwanted and unhealthy water retention, but some of it will also be fat. A minimum three day cleanse is a great way to jumpstart a diet. Your body will get all the nutrients it needs, but you’ll be consuming far fewer calories.

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Lose Weight AND Have a Happy Tummy!

Bodhi Bar has a selection of three to seven day juice cleanses that have been created to help your body heal and help you lose weight!

Contact the team at Bodhi Bar HERE  for more information, or click HERE to order your cleanse now!

Juicing is not for everyone. Check with your healthcare provider first, especially people who are pregnant, underweight, diabetic, have unstable heart disease or low blood pressure, or who have life-threatening health challenges.