Happy? Holidays

Happy? Holidays

Many people feel more anxious, depressed and not happy during the holidays. Why is that? What can we do to me Merrier this Christmas?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...oh no!

For some people, the holidays do not evoke warm feelings of joy and merriment. The romantic ideal of family and friends' gatherings, enjoying camaraderie and a bounty of scrumptious delectables, is sadly not the reality for most. As such, many people feel a palpable let down or sadness in "failing" to meet this unreachable standard. So many of us will turn to food and alcohol to help fill the void. Sadly, this strategy does not work and can lead us to feeling even worse!

Its not all bah-hum-bug!

We've done some digging and even looked inwardly to offer some helpful tips that may make your days more merry and bright:

1. For starters...breathe. Give yourself the gift of calm, thoughtful and thankful moments. Take a break from the long list of things you need to buy, places you need to go and people you need to see. Sit in a comfortable quiet spot with little to no distractions, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Turn your attention to your breathing and then to the things that you are grateful for during the holidays.

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2. Set your own standard. Try to create your own unique holiday narrative without setting an expectation set out by marketers looking to cash in on your emotions. Within your reality, what are you truly hoping to get out of the holidays? Maybe this year you will consider making some new holiday traditions?

3. Give your body the gift of healthy eating and drinking. We often "treat" ourselves to all the fix'ns and holiday cocktails a-plenty. The tradition of excessive eating and drinking during the holidays is also a narrative we can choose to reimagine. Let's face it, belly aches, acid reflux, hangover headaches - our bodies are screaming at us to stop overindulging. I'm not saying abstain from all of those yummy delectables, but we can choose to find balance. Try having just a healthy smoothie before going to a get-together. Enjoy smaller portions of those holiday favourites and skip the seconds! When drinking alcoholic beverages, try to not overdo it and drink equal parts water to the alcoholic beverages!

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Overall, remember that filling your belly will never fill your soul. Set yourself up for happier holidays by setting your own standard and give yourself the gift of gratitude and a more balanced approach to eating and drinking.

Wishing every person a HEALTHY HOLIDAY!

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