Grapes: Colorful yet differently similar

Grapes: Colorful yet differently similar

We find many colored grapes in the market...Do they have any nutritional content difference or just the color? Which one is healthier? Lets find more.

Grapes overall have a very balanced nutritional profile. They are rich in vitamins & minerals, contains good amount of fibre which improves the bowel movement & digestion, improves skin, stabilize blood sugar levels. The main component which is responsible for grapes having such a beautiful nutritional profile is Resveratol.

The darker grapes have higher amount of resveratol than the lighter colored grapes.

Comparing Dark & Light Colored Grapes

Dark colored grapes are nutritionally rich in vitamins like C, E & K. They are good sources of magnesium, copper, calcium & iron. They contain larger amounts of anthocyanin & flavnoids which have strong antioxidant properties!

Light colored grapes are rich in fibre, which improves digestion & vitamin C & K. They are rich in minerals like dark colored grapes


The darker colored grapes, red & black have higher amounts of resveratol. It is a polyphenolic compound that has many antioxidant & anti inflammatory properties. It is responsible for delaying aging, gives you a better skin, & lowers the level of cholesterol in the body. The LDL or bad cholesterol gets oxidation & results in the formation of plaque in the arteries that can cause cardiovascular diseases.

Grapes: Colorful yet differently similar

Dark Colored Grapes


They are found in lighter colored grapes like green & white. They have strong antioxidant & anti inflammatory properties. They give healthy glowing & young skin, boosts immunity, improves digestion. Their anti inflammatory property fight against many bacterial & virus infections.

Grapes: Colorful yet differently similar

Light Colored Grapes

which one is better?

All the grapes have antioxidant properties, it is found higher in dark colored grapes than the light colored grapes.

Grapes: Colorful yet differently similar

Red Grapes

The dark colored grapes are sour to taste while the light colored are sweet to taste. They must be combined & consumed to get benefits of both the compounds - resveratol & catechins!!

Eating a cup of grapes daily doesn't increase your calorie intake & helps in maintaining the nutritional balance in the body!!

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