26 marketers share their best tips to promote ecommerce business online

26 marketers share their best tips to promote ecommerce business online

I interviewed marketing experts around the world and here are some best tips from them which will help you to promote your eCommerce business online

Speak Plainly About What Your Product or Service Does and Why It's Great -

Effectively promoting an e-commerce business entails being succinct and straightforward in your language. More specifically, a business owner should strive to keep their website, and marketing materials' copy basic so that prospective customers readily understand it without getting sidetracked by gimmicks, like click-baity ads or multiple scrolls down on a website. People don't have time or the tolerance for such things anymore; be direct, speak plainly about what you do and why you think it's great; and get on with driving sales. If your product or service isn't quality, to begin with, no amount of marketing is going to be able to change that and generate income.

– Andrew Clark, Director of Organic Growth Marketing at DAVID.MARKET

If you're looking to promote your eCommerce business online, there are a number of key strategies that can help you stand out and reach new customers.

First and foremost, it's important to have a strong online presence that accurately reflects your brand. This means building a professional website with high-quality photos and clear product descriptions, as well as featuring frequent social media updates and engaging blog content.

Another key strategy is to optimize your site for search engine traffic. This involves incorporating targeted keywords throughout your website content and using effective backlinking practices to boost your search ranking.

Additionally, it's important to partner with complementary businesses in order to drive traffic and generate buzz around your products. Whether you're collaborating with other eCommerce sites or leveraging affiliate marketing programs, these partnerships can help you reach new audiences and promote long-term growth for your business.

– Drew Mann, Founder at Drew's Review

Reviews on Products Written by Regular People -

In my opinion, a simple addition of customer reviews to product listings can result in a noticeable increase in sales. The legitimacy of the reviewers is the single most important reason why user-generated content works. Many people put more stock in recommendations from friends and family than they do in commercials. Buyers are interested in the honest comments of those who have already invested in the product in question. If you want to save time on your marketing, consider hiring a company to collect and curate user-generated content (UGC), but be careful to collaborate with appropriate influencers. We refer you to a fantastic blog post that explains how to recognize and avoid influencer marketing scams.

– Andrew Priobrazhenskyi, CEO at DiscountReactor

We love to bid on our competitors brand names on Google Ads. This drives highly relevant traffic to our site, the conversion rate of these clicks is higher than almost any other campaign that we run. I highly recommend other eCommerce site owners test bidding on their competitors brand named keywords in Google Ads.

– Matthew Meier, Founder at MaxTour LLC

Create a Team of Experts in Your Field

No matter what industry your eCommerce business operates in, building a team of relevant experts helps to build your brand's trust and will drive more returning users.

Our business operates in the health and wellness space, so I've built a team of medical experts that assist with our content production and work with journalists to increase brand awareness. This has helped our organic traffic grow by well over 100,000 monthly visitors in the past year.

I hope this helps with your article, and I'm happy to answer any follow-up questions you may have.

– Calloway Cook, President of Illuminate Labs

We are not marketers but the most important marketing tip I can offer anyone is to know who your customers are. Any brand can have a logo and a product, but when a consumer can turn to a company and know their purchases say something about who they are and what matters to them, it falls into a different category. When you connect with them on that level you are able to tap into their world.

– Suzanne Sachs, President at VintageDiamondRing.com

Develop a plan for search engine optimization

Appearing on the top page of search results is crucial in some situations. Both paid advertisements and organic search results provide excellent opportunities to reach new consumers. In order to get a high position in organic search results, you will need to produce a large quantity of high-quality content. Spending money on pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements is a good idea until you reach this objective. Search engine optimization (SEO) requires trial and error and constant monitoring of results, but the effort will pay off in the end.

– Michael Dadashi, CEO at Infinite Recovery

Work on improving your domain authority to rank higher

A rare pattern I have observed with Google shopping ads is preferring websites/businesses with higher domain authority and can be accredited as a top player in their niche/industry. With high domain authority, It is an indication to Google that this respective business is a master in its field and provides the best possible content or experience to the user.

– Johannes Larsson, Founder & CEO at Financer.com

Consider utilizing Google Ads

Using Google Ads for SEM allows you to compete for top placement in SERPs by bidding on specific keywords. Search engine optimization aims to improve a website's visibility in search engine results; however, before organic results, Google Ads will always appear. Without the need for fancy graphics or layouts, SEM is a fantastic method of promoting your website and drawing in new visitors. Seeing the outcomes in near-real time allows you to make course corrections to your campaign immediately.

– Sandra Rios, Co-Owner and Director at Buzz Agency

Join forces with similar Brands

In my opinion, In order to increase exposure, you should form strategic alliances with complementary brands. Look for a company that sells something complementary to your own, but to a similar clientele. In this way, both partners in the business will be able to reach potential customers who may be interested in their products or services. If you sell camping supplies, a hiking shoe company might be a good fit for your business. There is no single best practice for cross-promotion, and different strategies work better at different stages of the sales funnel. As an example of a top-of-the-funnel activity, co-sponsoring a podcast or blog about outdoor living is a great way to get your name out there. A co-branded gift guide could be a successful campaign during the appropriate holiday season. Down-funnel promotions, such as free shipping or a percentage off a third item, are another option.

– Mike Owens, Digital Marketing & Growth Director at Web Hosting Advices

Encourage and leverage user-generated content to promote your online store. For example, when a friend posts about a product they love, it will pique your interest – and even stay in the back of your mind. UGC helps businesses reach new audiences and build trust with minimal up-front costs.

– Cesar Cruz, Co-Founder at Sebastian Cruz Couture

Create, Test, and Publish Advertisements

In my opinion online advertising is the first and greatest advice for promoting an e-commerce firm. For an online store to expand quickly, it is crucial. It aids in promoting a business's service or product to target clients swiftly. Based on the business niche, different platforms are preferred for advertisements. To implement appropriate and better target high-value customers, make sure the correct tracking pixels are set up before running any ad campaigns. As a business expert, I would advise you to ensure the ads are completely optimized to offer the best Return on investment. Finding the intended audience is the first step in doing this. Next, decide what kind of campaign to start, such as an awareness campaign, an online marketing campaign, or another type. Finally, the network comes into the picture, from which you can select the ad locations that will best serve your specialty, like Google Adwords; Google Online Shopping sites may be a nice ad location for an eCommerce company.

– Emir Bacic, Co-Founder at PriceListo

Drive trust and positive feedback from customer reviews

User created content gives you, as a marketing professional, a completely fresh viewpoint on how to approach your e-commerce marketing. Consumers may now turn to their other customers for a better notion of what is excellent and what to expect, rather than having to trust what the business claims. Such social proof is an effective psychological persuasion technique. According to what I believe, gaining the trust of potential clients is facilitated by having positive feedback from satisfied previous customers. On the other hand, unfavourable evaluations offer crucial insight into problems that need to be resolved within your company. These kinds of consumer endorsements, in my opinion, have more sway than expertly crafted sales copy. Encourage customers to talk about their interactions with your company online, on other review sites, and on social media.

– Erik Wright, Owner & CEO at New Horizon Home Buyers

Digital marketing has increasingly become a mobile enterprise and it is for this reason that you should focus a great deal of your efforts on utilizing quality software for SMS campaigns to promote your ecommerce business. Over 90% of smartphone users utilize their devices for online shopping and three fourths of them do so multiple times a month, which makes placing your promotions in your customers' pockets with SMS extremely effective."

By using text messaging to market your ecommerce business, you can ensure you provide customers with latest information, entice them with special offers, and provide them direct links to give them instant access to your website. SMS messaging has been shown to have a 15% higher click-through rate and can increase your opt-ins by nearly 20%. In using quality software to launch your SMS campaign, you can ensure increased engagement which inevitably leads to higher ecommerce conversion rates.”

– Cody Candee, Founder and CEO at Bounce

Know your customer and their buyer's journey

Most ecommerce stores are focused on the bottom of the funnel and ignore the top of the funnel, which results in lost opportunities because there are three types of consumers and they all have a specific customer journey.

Know which type of consumer wants what you sell and meet them where they are along their own buyer's journey. If you know who they are, how they make decisions, and where they go to get the information to help them make those decisions - your brand will become their go to brand when they need that product.

If your e-commerce store's purpose is just to be a site they buy from and you aren't interested in building a brand name for yourself, you will always be looking for the next transaction as your relationship with your customers is based on price or if your message shows up in front of them when they want to buy that product. Build a brand and your business will grow as you guide customers from brand awareness to advocacy.

– Shannon Peel, Brand Storyteller at MarketAPeel

Use video marketing on social media that tells a story. We love social media and we love stories so why not combine those two and create videos on social media that draw your audience in and promote your eCommerce business online? For instance, create marketing videos that tell the mission of your business and let your audience relate to you. If you’re sourcing from all sustainable producers, elaborate on that, dive into the personal aspect of it and let your audience be drawn in by their emotional reaction and commitment to the cause as well. Storytelling is an incredibly effective way to market, so using marketing videos that tell a story and connect to your audience on social media is the best way to promote your eCommerce business.

– Gabriel de la Serna, CEO and Founder at On Post

Utilize the Power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is not dead; in fact, it’s still the best way to generate traffic and sales online! The beauty of eCommerce is that all your products are keywords that people type into the search engines. If you can rank on page 1 for them, you will make sales 24/7/365 without having to buy expensive traffic and pray that it converts. Once your website ranks highly for your products, you have a sustainable business asset with low marketing costs and higher profit margin. Yes, it does take longer than buying ads… but your patience will be rewarded!

To succeed in SEO, you need to have optimized pages for each product and build high quality backlinks to your website. Do this consistently over time and your sales and brand impressions will skyrocket.

– Matiah Fischer, Founder at RetireBetterNow.com

Social media has become inundated with marketing posts and its catch-all nature often lacks personalization, so promoting your ecommerce business through email can be a more effective means of promotion. The sophistication of new data collection techniques through the tracking of social media and business websites allows marketers to gain unique insights into the customers’ interest, and this in turn, provides the opportunity to hyper-personalize promotions.

By combining these data techniques with email, you can create a hyper-personalized promotional campaign in which you can target each individual customer’s specific interests, price points, and needs, to guide them into your sales funnel. In addition, you can use this method to actively promote other marketing efforts such as newsletters and blogs. By incorporating emails into your ecommerce promotional strategy, you add the personalized experience that social media lacks and further drive your conversions.

– Matt Miller, Founder and CEO at Embroker

Social Media and Post-order Customer Treatment

Using social media to highlight our products and giving the best post-order service possible are great ways to promote an ecommerce business. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter are all highly visited sites where your ads can receive a lot of notice.

Taking care of customers after they make a purchase is always important. For instance, including a personalized gift with an order can show how much you appreciate them. Follow up with personal emails to make sure the customer is happy with their items. Then suggest products that your customer may like and offer discounts, such as deals on bundles and an extra percentage off for repeat buyers.

– Serdar Ozenalp, Co-Founder at Ocoza

A remarkably effective way that we have managed to create brand equity in a crowded space is by investing in time upfront to create a mascot or "soul" for our brand .

This was inspired by my favorite brand mascot is the monkey for the Mail software Mail Chimp. He is so elegantly design and offers a "soul" to the otherwise cold experience of using email automation software.

They have integrated him into moments during the process of using their software which makes him come to life... after you send your first campaign he helps you make a little origami monkey on the screen it's really cool.

Their taste in execution for bringing their software product life to serves as inspiration for our brand and our mascot Gary the GreenPal.

Gary serves as a mascot for all of the hard-working lawncare service providers that earn their living on our platform we even have a page dedicated to him.

– Bryan Clayton, CEO at GreenPal

"Use social media: Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedInoffer businesses a great way to connect with potential and current customers.Make sure to post engaging content that will encourage people to like, share,and comment on your posts.

Create a website: A website is a great way to promote your businessand give potential customers a place to learn more about what you do. Make sureyour website is well-designed and easy to navigate.

Use search engine optimization (SEO): This is a process ofoptimizing your website and content for the search engines so that your siteappears higher in the search results. This can help you attract more visitorsto your site.

Use online advertising: Platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Adsoffer businesses a way to reach potential customers through online advertising.You can create ads that target people based on their location, interests, andother factors.

Use email marketing: Email marketing allows you to connect withpotential and current customers through newsletters, coupons, and otherpromotional materials. Make sure to create engaging content that will encouragepeople to open and click through your emails."

– Martin Luenendonk, CEO at FounderJar

Hosting a livestream is one of the best ways to market your eCommerce business. Not only does it engage potential customers, but it also gives you the opportunity to showcase your products. Plus, it's a relatively inexpensive way to market your business. You can easily set up a livestream on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. You can also ask questions and take suggestions through the livestream. Doing so helps you figure out what products your customers would like to see in your store. It also helps you build a solid customer base.

– Luciano Colos, Founder at PitchGrade

The best way to promote ecommerce sales is by combining a discount with a limited time offer. The key is to make sure you have targeted traffic to your site. Customers that are on the fence deciding to make a purchase will frequently convert with the extra push of a limited time discount.

– Lou Haverty, Owner at Enhanced Leisure

"Make sure your website is user friendly: Your website might be great to look at from your point of view as you have lots of fantastic imagery and as you go through the pages it tells the story of your business, however, for the transactional customer, this can be a nightmare. The average user wants to get from landing page to check out in three clicks or less. Any more than this and you increase the risk of losing them.

Make your site easy to find: Invest in strong SEO so that your site will get found sooner rather than later. SEO is not an overnight process so give it time to kick in and for rankings to start to go up. Steer clear of anyone who seems to good to be true.

Consider investing in PPC: This is a quick fix to get you to the top of Google and with more and more users scrolling past anything that says “AD” next to it, we advise SEO in the first instance, however, PPC or Google Ads can still bring business. Be mindful that this is set up correctly and that monitored alongside your SEO so your PPC campaign can be scaled back/ adjusted as your SEO rankings increase."

– Lucy Hurst, Managing Director at Sherbet Donkey Media

"There are many ways to promote your e-commerce business online. Here are a few tips to get you started:

You must ensure that your website is optimized for search engines. This means that it has a good title tag, meta description tag, and page content that Google can understand and rank well on its search engine results page (SERP).

You need to ensure that your website is fast for users and mobile-optimized. If it takes too long for pages to load or if it doesn't load at all, people won't want to shop from your site.

Create a blog and share tips and advice with your customers—you'll get more sales when people trust you as an expert in your field!

Encourage customer reviews by offering discounts or prizes for leaving feedback about their experience with your product line.

Offer free shipping on all orders over $50 or more! This will encourage people who may not otherwise be able to afford your products to buy from you anyway because they don't want to miss out on this deal!

Post regularly! People love seeing new content from their favorite brands and websites, so posting regularly will build a loyal following that will keep coming back for more."

– Andrew Tsionas, Co-founder at Kaizenzo