Ways to Discover Your Expertise and Get Paid for It Enter content title here...

Ways to Discover Your Expertise and Get Paid for It Enter content title here...

If someone asks what your expertise is, you'll probably be able to enumerate some of the top skills that you’ve developed throughout the years. That's because each of us has our own expertise that allows us to thrive in our careers and to basically survive in today’s competitive environment.

But if you truly want to reach greater heights, you need to not only discover your expertise but to find new ways to utilize your skills and make it known to people outside your circle so you can further your growth as an entrepreneur.

The following are ways to define your expertise, and make a profit out of your best skills:

Discovering your specialty

When you're fresh out of college, you can say that your expertise is in the degree that you finished. But as you start a professional career or venture into business, you develop new skills and talents that make you an expert in a specific industry or profession. But even with a long list of skills on your resume, you may still find yourself questioning what your expertise really is, so we included here some points you should to consider:

  • What are you passionate about?

Expertise begins with your commitment to learn the necessary knowledge and to practice the skills needed to get better at what you're learning. But without passion, it's hard to stay consistent with whatever it is you're doing. So it helps to know where your passion really lies. Remember: entrepreneurship is not an easy path to take, but passion will allow you to see through the challenges, knowing that you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

  • What skills have you developed over the years?

In addition to identifying your passion, you also want to take note of the things you naturally do well, as well as the skills you've developed through years of practice and experience. You can refer to these questions to identify your strongest skills:

- In what area do you have the most experience in?

- What have you spent a lot of time learning in the past few years that you’re now confident to teach others?

- Based on your previous experience, what specific tasks were you able to finish with ease, because of your know-hows in that area?

  • What do people say about you?

We could all use some insight from other people every now and then. So in identifying your top skills, you can ask your former managers or co-workers what they think your strong skills are that made you a valuable part of the team. Hearing honest feedback from people you've worked with is certainly enlightening, as you get a chance to recognize your abilities from the perspective of others.

Establishing yourself as an expert

Once you're able to identify your expertise, do you keep it to yourself or do you share your knowledge to bring value to your field of expertise? The whole point of finding your strong points is to position yourself as a leader from whom others can learn, so it only makes sense to share your expertise for others to benefit from.

Let’s say you’re an expert when it comes to sales and marketing. Your goal now is to build awareness for your personal brand and communicate the value you can provide to potential customers. Make yourself known to your target audience, be active in your industry, and consistently share your point of view to establish yourself as an expert.

Expert in business giving a presentation

Other things you can do to establish yourself as a leader include:

  • Sharing knowledge that others want
  • Authoring articles that provide expert insights about your field of expertise
  • Creating an online presence so people can have easy access to your content

By illustrating your competence through knowledge sharing, you’re building trust in your personal brand, which can in turn inspire your target audience to engage with you and your brand.

Turning your expertise into profit

You've worked hard for years to acquire the knowledge and skills you have, so before you sleep on that (as some people do), know that your expertise has value, and that it's completely possible to capitalize on it. And no, you don't have to be the foremost in a particular industry to be seen as an expert. As long as you know that your expertise can solve people's problems and is unique and useful, you can definitely make money from it in a sustainable way.

Now, if you're having doubts whether there are people who will actually value what you have to offer, the short answer is YES. People value insights that empower them, solve a problem they’re having, and teach them new ways of doing things. So instead of doubting what you can give to the world, start using your skillset to create value for others, and get paid for doing what you do best.