Property Videography

Property Videography

Are you looking for Property Videography service at affordable cost? Call our local Blueprint Studios experts. We provide property professionals with fast and professional visual marketing solutions across New Zealand. Our team are ensure that all our team members are not only highly skilled but also friendly and reliable. We always guarantee superior imagery and an unbeatable turnaround. Find your local property videography or photographer below, or get in touch here so that we can contact you.

We’ll make sure any listing that goes onto the market looks the best it possibly can. We aim to engage with a consumer but still leave enough of your home to the imagination. Real Estate Videos aren’t a new development yet very rarely do you see anything new. We know our style works to withhold the right information while drawing a watcher’s attention to the great parts of your home. A fix of wide and tight angles to show flow and details. We film productions for property because we love it.

If you are looking for a real estate Videographer or photographer give us a call about your upcoming project. Blueprint Studios offers a professional real estate photography & videography service that ensures your property is presented in best way possible. We also offer a full range of services to suit a wide range of real estate marketing needs and uses Drones to capture your property from above to give a unique and appealing perspective of your investment. See how our services can help take your real estate campaign to the next level.

A unique angle of your property from the sky is the best way to show the boundary line and location. Our team are all trained to fly within the rules and capture the shot you need. Gone are the days of needing a helicopter to get the shot! We make sure that the team are shooting on professional-grade drones to allow for a level of speed ramps, slow motion and light captures that again are a step above what is seen in real estate production. Show the area and set the scene through a flyover of your property.