Building GREEN Today for Their Tomorrow

Building GREEN Today for Their Tomorrow

A green building or renovation helps to reduce your impact on the environment.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Dr. Denis Waitley

Our homes are more than just shelter, they are the most important building in our lives. It’s where memories are made, where children and grandchildren grow and where we grow old together. Let’s ensure we continue to make memories and protect those we make our memories with.

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Let’s think GREEN

Green building or renovating is not a new concept. There are many industries and companies making this a major initiative. Yet there are still people unaware of the reasons or benefits of building green. A green building or renovation helps to reduce your impact on the environment. It also means a healthier, more comfortable home incorporating safe local building materials, better air quality and ventilation, reduced monthly operating costs, energy efficiency and increased value.

Building GREEN Today for Their Tomorrow

More and more, environmentally friendly living and working spaces are becoming the conventional form of construction. Sustainable development, green building materials and green architecture are now requested, if not required, by a large and growing number of clients. It has been acknowledged and agreed that smart, sustainable buildings are becoming a necessity. Why? According to some recent studies, buildings account for almost one-half of the worlds’ material and energy consumption, one-sixth of fresh water use, and a quarter of all wood harvested. Additionally, building materials are the cause for many harmful effects on our health.

Is it not time that we accept responsibility to make the changes needed to ensure our children, grandchildren and future generations enjoy an improved quality of life?

Should we not be committed to doing our part to reduce the impact our environmental footprint has on our planet so that our children and grandchildren live in a sustainable world?

There is no better time than NOW to green your home. Any project, large or small, can be a step towards a greener, more environmentally friendly home and a step towards their tomorrow.

It is important to know that building or renovating, with a positive effort towards helping the environment and our health, doesn’t have to be costly. As costs for sustainable materials and products drop, building green is really the most cost-effective kind of design and construction.

You can’t afford NOT to build green.

As a family owned and operated general contractor, with our own growing family, Blom Contracting recognizes the importance of providing awareness to homeowners and business owners on the benefits of building and renovating green. Our goal is to enhance your next major renovation or contracting project with the tools and steps necessary to providing you with a happier, healthier and more sustainable home or work environment.

A Wake Up Story

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More to come.