The 8 Dress Shirts Every Man Should Own

The 8 Dress Shirts Every Man Should Own

You may pick the lot when it comes to dress-shirts since they are one of the essentials in your wardrobe;

You may pick the lot when it comes to dress-shirts since they are one of the essentials in your wardrobe; however, the way they work with the rest of the accessories is another story. From the quirky black polka dot shirt to the somber black stripes, each dress shirt has a distinct personality that requires profound knowledge before you pull them off.

Dress shirts form the basics of any man’s wardrobe, and it is on these that the rest is built. If the foundation is wobbly and ambiguous, then the rest of the accessories fall apart. The following mens fitted dress shirts should be in your wardrobe so that you’re ever ready for any occasion and look flawless each time!

1. Plain Weave White

We recommend going with a medium spread collar and barrel cuffs, since this combination allows you to wear it formally as well as casually. The solid white shirt is matchless in versatility and can be worn with a pair of denim or with a formal suit.

2. Fancy Weave White

A windowpane dress shirt with a subtle waffle pattern makes it different from a plain weave, but gives the illusion of a solid shirt with excellent depth of color.

3. Light blue

Firstly, light blue goes well whether it’s scorching heat or a chilly evening outside. However, most men choose light blue dress shirts for the fact that they simply look smart yet casual.

4. Another Different Shade of Blue

Apart from a light blue shirt that’s a must-have, a darker shade of blue, or a twill dress shirt is also recommended. Both of these emit cool vibes, are relatively modern and make one look classic.

5. Ivory

The ivory may not be discernible from the white unless worn with warmer colors such as brown, and all of a sudden white looks wrong. Ivory works exceptionally well with tweed and can be worn with charcoal business suits, amongst other warmer colors.

6. Blue Stripes on White

Stay in the safe zone when choosing the size of the stripes. Anything too delicate or too bold will limit your choices; however, something in the middle will work amazingly well with all kinds of solid-colored suits.

7. White stripes on blue

For a change, you can choose one with finer strips because that offers more flexibility.

8. Checked dress shirts

To give your wardrobe a bit of spice, you can go with checks, and the most popular ones are light blue on white. They are always trending and in style to be worn casually as well.

Men’s windowpane dress shirts and polka dot shirts have a place in your wardrobe, but only after you have experimented with the above styles. If you’re feeling adventurous and lucky, then this is the way to go, but having these options on hand will make you confident in your choice while pulling off the perfect look with any available accessories from shoes to belts and ties.