Cryptocurrencies grow in the gaming sector

Cryptocurrencies grow in the gaming sector

There is nothing unusual about gamers wanting to monetize their gaming skills and time spent in front of a screen.

Cryptocurrencies grow in the gaming sector

While there are great debates regarding the volatility of cryptocurrencies in recent times, with large players in the public sphere criticizing the crypto market, it continues to penetrate and consolidate its position in many areas.

One of them is, precisely, the gaming sector. More and more bitcoin casinos are appearing on the market, as they offer certain features that many traditional casinos with FIAT currency as a deposit and withdrawal method cannot offer. For this reason, the game with cryptocurrencies has not stopped growing in recent months despite the fall in the crypto market, as well as the regulations against it that are rumored but that ultimately do not materialize.

Governments like that of Spain try to block access to these international casinos with cryptocurrencies, since they do not have a Spanish license, so that players from the country cannot access without the use of VPN. Even so, it does not seem like an overly effective measure given that the user profile that can play in a casino with cryptocurrencies is likely to be knowledgeable and familiar with VPNs .

Cryptocurrencies are reaching regulated markets

Even regulated markets such as the Spanish one are accepting cryptocurrencies as a method of payment and withdrawal from gaming sites, although within the casino it is not established as the reference currency.

This is because they have been adding payment methods that allow them to act as a bridge between the player and the casino to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies. This is the case of Muchbetter, a payment platform that allows us to deposit using cryptocurrencies in many online casinos and bookmakers that allow this payment method to be used but do not allow depositing directly using cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to these bridging tools, bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrency development services are being indirectly accepted by numerous online casinos that operate under very restrictive licenses, as is the case of the Spanish online gaming regulations, which have been tightening their gaming and gaming policies. promotion of the same in recent years.

Closer to the big adoption

While we are in a bear market, not many large companies speak positively about bitcoin, but as we have seen in previous bull rallies, when the market is on the rise, many of the large companies worldwide, such as Apple, Tesla or Google, talk about the adoption of digital currencies, so in some of the next bull markets we can see how history repeats itself and we can get a little closer to the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public, those who still do not have enough confidence in digital assets and that, on many occasions, they only get to hear harmful news for the sector, such as the case of the great scams that use cryptocurrency development company as a smoke screen to achieve the objective of defrauding inexperienced users.

However, the problem is not bitcoin, since the scams are carried out with cryptocurrencies or with any other type of asset as an excuse and attraction to the system.

Without a doubt, with the right time and communication, many new users will end up seeing the advantages of the crypto system, getting into it and making it much more viable for many people to use bitcoin in their day-to-day lives, largely replacing FIAT money.


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