What is web3 and the importance of Web3 for the crypto world.

What is web3 and the importance of Web3 for the crypto world.

The truth is that currently, practically everything that surrounds us can be related in some way to the crypto world. Why would Web3 be left behind?

Web 1.0 revolutionised everything we knew up to that point. In the first place, a web centred on static web pages that the user could access only to view content was developed. Later Web 2.0 appeared, which is basically what we know today. Focused on a dynamic, interactive and collaborative website, it encourages the active participation of users in the network and they also ceased to be mere spectators to become content creators.

In this sense, we ask ourselves, what can Web3 offer us that these two infrastructures do not already offer us?

The answer is very simple: access to Blockchain technology.

Stay on this post to discover the relationship of Web3 with the crypto world!

What is Web3?

First of all, we are going to offer a small approximation to the meaning and functionalities of this new network.

Web 3.0 can be understood as a new version of the World Wide Web that goes beyond a centralized architecture and tries to interconnect data in a decentralized way to offer a fast, secure and personalized user experience.

It is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and uses blockchain technology to ensure data security.

This new version of web 3.0 will allow companies to develop applications by distributing the logic in various nodes of the blockchain. Not only will this improve the transparency of business transactions, but all data that has been previously recorded can also be traced. This removes the user's dependency on the service provider that develops the platform.

In this way, Web3 has become a term that encompasses the vision of a new Internet with better features. This next generation of the Internet will focus on access to intelligent information.

For example, search engines in the Web3 era will provide personalized information based on the context of the search. Centralized servers will be replaced by information present on multiple computing devices. In general, it will be an Internet between equals, without a single authority.

The importance of Web3 for the crypto world

Web 3 is going to be a revolution for the crypto world because the basis of this new version of the Internet is blockchain technology. It is a technology that represents a chain of blocks that is configured as a distributed, shared and secure database. It works as a public transaction document, where all movements are registered by means of codes.

All these characteristics that define blockchain technology are now going to be applied to the Internet network. One of the main revolutions that this technology will bring to the Internet is its decentralization.

Decentralization is going to be key because it will allow the web to remain open and free. Without centralization or an external agent to control it, the web is less exposed to attacks and more resistant to policy changes. Decentralization also allows the web to remain accessible to everyone, even in places where internet access is restricted.

This aspect also means that there is no single place where all data is stored or all operations are executed. Instead, data and operations are spread across many computers around the world.

The creation of a decentralized website will have many advantages:

First of all, Web3 is going to be much more resistant to attacks and failures. If a single computer goes down or is attacked, the other computers can continue to function without problems.

In addition, this new network is going to be much more scalable. If more capacity is needed, more computers can be added to the network.

Web3 would become much more private than the current one. If data is stored in one place, it's easier for someone to get hold of it without permission.

This feature is fundamental to Web3. Blockchain technology and decentralization go hand in hand, so there would not be or we could not talk about a Web3 if it did not have decentralization as its main characteristic.

How will Web3 affect the crypto world?

Undoubtedly, the impact that the adoption of this new computer network will have for the crypto world will be essentially positive.

Not only will it open the doors for more people to know the reality of this market and how the crypto world works, but it will stop seeing these digital assets as means of investment. The cryptocurrency development services of this network can bring something that the cryptocurrency market has been waiting for for years: a new adoption of these virtual currencies as means of exchange.

We would no longer only talk about means of exchange to invest, but about buying something with cryptocurrencies without having an intention behind it beyond the interest in acquiring a product or service. Many crypto experts see this new version of the web as the first step to bring this idea closer to the cryptocurrency market.

Speaking of cryptocurrencies, surely you know or have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum . The truth is that, in addition to being cryptocurrencies, both platforms are the basis for building decentralized applications (Dapps) that work with Blockchain technology.

With blockchain paving the way for a more “democratic” form of the internet, it would ultimately come down to dApps (decentralized applications) and Smart Contracts (intelligent contracts) the task of automating specific processes.

In this way, we find that there is a union of talents to understand the new business models, and the cryptocurrency development company of applications would become much more secure through blockchain technology.

And you, do you see in this technology the future of the new Internet?