How to Remove McAfee When the Standard Removal Tool Doesn't Work?

How to Remove McAfee When the Standard Removal Tool Doesn't Work?

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Has your antivirus software expired? If yes, and you have already tried to remove the same from your device but encountering some strange error alerts even after trying to do the same using standard removal procedure. Don’t get annoyed, as we will cover this topic by providing several ways to uninstall your McAfee antivirus software from your device.

Suppose your standard software removal procedure fails to uninstall the McAfee using either the Apps menu or Control Panel. In that case, you can use McAfee’s uninstallation programs that enable the users to remove all the traces of the particular antivirus from your device. It will take only 8 MB of disc-storage. The utility provides a user-friendly interface.

The under-mentioned procedure can be applied to several McAfee plans like McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Family Protection, McAfee Total Control, Antivirus Plus, LiveSafe, etc.

Here is how to remove McAfee even when the standard removal tool fails to work:

Trying to Uninstall McAfee Using Standard Procedure

First of all, you have to delete McAfee Internet Security/LiveSafe and WebAdvisor right from your computer.

Now, enter “control” into the Windows search panel, followed by hitting the Control Panel option from the resulting list.

Then, hit the Uninstall program option from the expanded Window.

Now, choose the relevant icon for your McAfee product like McAfee LiveSafe and Internet Security. You can also select the version of the particular antivirus that you have downloaded on the system.

Next, tap the Change or Uninstall option situated just under the application icon or at the upper portion of your Window. It can be easily applied on Windows 7 and 8.x.

After that, hit the Yes tab on the Window that expands.

Mark the box related to McAfee LiveSafe entries.

Then, remove all the files from the respective program.

Tap the buttons Remove and Close. You can also tap the “No, Thanks” option to finish the procedure of removing McAfee antivirus from your device.

Uninstalling McAfee Via Software Removal Tool

Follow these guidelines to uninstall McAfee using McAfee removal tools:

First of all, you have to select a reliable and effective removal tool like McAfee AntiSpyware Removal Tool, McAfee Personal Firewall Removal Tool, McAfee Total Protection Removal Tool, McAfee Internet Security Removal Tool, etc.

Once the download complete, double-click the downloaded file, followed by hitting the Yes tab.

Then, press the Next tab there.

Now, follow the necessary terms and conditions of the removal tool.

After that, finish the procedure of removing McAfee antivirus by tapping the Next option.

Input the verification code once asked.

Then, hit the Next option there.

Wait for some time for the entire data to be scanned and uninstalled from your system.

Hit the Close tab and Restart option to reboot your PC.

If you cannot see the McAfee products on your device, you need not worry as you can use the software removal tool that can be easily downloaded from the antivirus website.

Note: It is recommended to deactivate your antivirus license using your McAfee account through McAfee’s official site before uninstalling your antivirus using the software removal tool once you find that the standard procedure was not successful.

Deleting McAfee Apps from Your Tablets and Smartphone

Here is how to remove McAfee apps from your smartphone and tablets:

Get started; choose the app’s icon using the apps drawer.

Then, tap and press the McAfee icon for a few seconds and then drag the respective icon to the trashcan displayed on your device’s screen.

Press the OK tab to proceed once the alert displays on your device’s screen. Alternatively, you can visit the Settings menu, tap the Android app, choose McAfee, followed by tapping the Uninstall option on your screen that launches on your device.

Do you want to remove McAfee software from your device once your license is expired? Well, first try the standard procedure using Control Panel and the Apps menu. If you are experiencing strange or annoying errors, use the McAfee uninstallation or removal tools like McAfee AntiSpyware Removal tool, McAfee Total Protection removal tools, and Internet Security Removal Tool, etc.

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