Why are armoured vehicles common in Brazil?

Why are armoured vehicles common in Brazil?

To most people the idea of requiring an armoured vehicle in Brazil or just about any city, more so a touristic one can come across as rather illogical. And the fact is that for most people it won't be necessary.If you are a regular tourist or resident you likely will never need to reach such levels of security. That said just because it's not needed for day to day lives it doesn't mean there isn't a reason why the armoured vehicle service Brasilia scene has risen in popularity, and not just there, but all over the country.

Brazil is in many senses a country of deep contrasts, and while that is a trait it shares with many of it's neighboring countries it's all the more apparent in it. Brazil is undeniably a touristic country, and one know for it's festive spirit and unending supply of attractions for any visitors. But at the same time in those areas that are less commonly visited the crime rates and general danger level spike by comparison. Probably the most common example of this is the "favelas". Favelas are the less favored neighborhoods of Brazil and they have an undeniably history of unrest and even direct confrontation with the police. And while most tourists will never need to visit these problematic areas they do exist, and when it comes to politicians or business men they aren't something that can be overlooked.

While you can find bodyguards for hire Sao Paulo or in any other city. The more VIP you are and the more your work forces you to go deeper into the less savory areas of Brazil the more important an armoured vehicle becomes. All in all an armored vehicle provides something that no other form of security does, and that is full knowledge that you are completely safe from any kind of attempt on you. The extra layers of protection ultimately bring peace of mind, and the understanding that nothing out there can get to harm you.

It's something that is required for those select group of people who either need to visit the more dangerous areas of town or bring with them a notoriety that puts a target on them.

That said like we said at the start these services aren't require for every single traveler, and the kind of bodyguard service Brasilia has to offer will be more than enough for the average traveler. The real question is then choosing which range you fall into for these considerations.