Why Choose Corrugated Roll Labels?

Why Choose Corrugated Roll Labels?

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Corrugated rolls are made using paperboard or corrugated plastic. They are also known as rolls or corrugated sheets. The material used in the making of these is highly durable and is suitable for most packaging applications. It can be produced in various sizes and shapes depending on the requirement.

They are generally made from materials like plastic sheets, paper boards, crepe, tissue and plastic films, among many others. They have a unique flexible quality, which allow them to be shipped in large rolls, hence the name corrugated roll. This unique quality allows them to be flexible when flat, but moldable when flat, thereby allowing the flexibility to create different sized corrugated rolls. It is important to keep in mind the size requirements of the product or products being packed.

Since corrugated rolls tend to shrink when exposed to high temperature, it is important to pack them in an environment with low temperature. High temperature promotes shrinkage, which can negatively impact the quality of the corrugated roll labels. Another important consideration is to avoid sharp objects, which may cause distortion of the corrugated sheet. These rolls are susceptible to sharp edges, so care should be taken when handling them.

A major advantage of corrugated rolls is that they are available in pre-printed or blank corrugated sheet. The blank corrugated roll labels are ideal for short run printing. They are however costlier than pre-printed ones. Some printer vendors offer both the types of rolls at the same time. For example, HP Inc. has corrugated and blank rolls available. In addition to these two types of printers, some other printer vendors provide package printers that print corrugated and blank corrugated rolls.

Another popular corrugated roll label is the thermal labels. Thermal labels use heat-sensitive ink technology to print text, images on the corrugated sheet. The most common of these applications is the beverage and food service industry. The printed text can include bar codes, price lists and nutrition information.

The packaging industry has also adapted to corrugated roll labels by creating plastic envelopes and other shipping materials that have corrugated edges. Corrugated boxes can be used as traditional packing material or can be customized with unique features. Corrugated envelopes and boxes are widely used for food and medical packaging. Many health and medical spas, clinics and hospitals utilize corrugated boxes for their mailing needs.

Because of their weight and bulkiness, corrugated roll labels may not be the best choice for all situations. They are best suited to small, medium and large packaging needs. They are most appropriate for materials that are sensitive to heat. They are not appropriate for most printing needs, including short and simple graphics.

Many businesses have found that corrugated roll design and use save them a considerable amount of time and money. A professional graphic artist can create a wide variety of appealing designs that will help convey your corporate identity, your unique product or service and your overall business mission. Corrugated materials make excellent marketing tools that help build brand recognition and increase awareness for your company.

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