6 Factors To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Large Area Rugs

6 Factors To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Large Area Rugs

Shopping for large area rugs is always a lot easier said than done, so here are some rug shopping tips!

Finding a new area rug is always a lot easier said than done for countless homeowners, and this is especially the case when they’re looking to purchase larger-sized area rugs.

Your new area rug will surely go a long way in tying together your room from a cozy and aesthetic perspective, so these home décor investments are always really important to take your time with and get everything just right.

We’re very lucky to have partnered up with the rug industry expert at Rug Source where you can always find large area rugs cheap to help us create this list of 6 important factors that you should keep in mind while rug shopping.

So here are the 6 factors that will help guide you to a new area rug that’s perfect for you and your home!

1. Your Unique Style

This may be something that you innately will always be naturally keeping in mind, but it’s true that our personal tastes should always remain a big part of your rug shopping decisions. You of course are going to be the one who is walking and looking at these area rugs, so your new rug should coincide with how you like rugs to feel and what would look best in combination with your existing furniture aesthetics.

2. Care And General Rug Maintenance

High-quality, large area rugs will many times require regular cleaning by professionals, and this is especially the case if you’re looking to place an area rug in a high-traffic portion of your home.

Many different area rugs are subsequently going to be more or less durable to active foot traffic, and this will play a significant factor in terms of how much upkeep and regular cleaning you’re going to need to do.

3. Your Intended Use Of The Rug

This has a lot to do with your particular household, like if you have children and dogs. If your kids and dogs play a lot on the floors, then you may want to get a more cozy rug that’s also very durable.

The amount of traffic for your intended location plays a big role in terms of your overall intent, so always be sure to keep where/when you’ll be walking on your new area rug!

4. Your Unique Lifestyle

It’s simply true that certain rugs won’t match a homeowner’s unique lifestyle, so you definitely are going to need to keep your living arrangements and overall lifestyle when it comes to figuring out which type of area rug will occupy your desired space the very best.

Children and pets are of course a big factor of your lifestyle, so if you do have both then you’re going to more than likely benefit the most from a rug that’s pretty easy to clean and take care of.

Also if you don’t think you’ll be staying in your current property for a long time, then you may not want to invest in a family heirloom area rug unless you know it will always fit no matter where you potentially move.

5. The Feeling Of The Rug

The sensation of comfort and coziness is always something that rug shoppers take pretty seriously because most people will walk barefoot on their rugs. This is why you should always make sure that you’re comfortable with the overall comfort levels that you think your best rug options posses.

It’s also important to note that rug pads can always help low-pile rugs with overall comfort levels, so you can sometimes get the best of both world when you have kids and want a rug that’s easy to clean and cozy.

6. Pattern

The last factor we’re going to discuss in this list is pattern, and this also is oriented within a more ubiquitous design theme. After all, you’re going to want to really enjoy the patterns and designs A LOT if you’re going to spend the money to make these types of home décor improvements.

There are many different great patterns found within modern Oriental and Persian rugs that still coincide with many of the traditional designs found in antique rugs.

So you should always make sure that your rug will look great in your room and fits in well with your furniture, but also provides am ambience and aesthetic that’s pleasing to you personally!

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This page only is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything you should be keeping in mind throughout the always arduous process of rug shopping.

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