Understanding The Advantages Associated With Porcelain Zirconia Crowns For Kids

Understanding The Advantages Associated With Porcelain Zirconia Crowns For Kids

There's a lot for parents to love about porcelain zirconia crowns for kids!

Dental crowns are restorations that cover up a person’s natural tooth when it has been compromised. This can include treatment for broken, fractured or cracked teeth, among many other conditions that require dental crowns.

Porcelain zirconia crowns just so happen to be one of the latest and greatest innovations in the dental crown industry, and there certainly is a lot for dental patients of all ages to love about this cutting-edge technology. Our partners at Garland Pediatric Dentistry, a porcelain zirconia crown kids garland tx specialist, are supporting us in developing this article oriented around the advantages associated zirconia crowns.

So here’s what you need to know about these incredible dental crowns!

Benefits Associated With Porcelain Zirconia Crowns

There are many reasons why zirconia crowns have increased in popularity throughout recent years, and it’s partly due to the many different advantages associated with these crowns.

Some of the common benefits of porcelain zirconia crowns include the following:


Zirconia is well-known throughout the dental industry for its overall durability and strength, and this feature is of course very important for dental crowns that need to be capable of handling the many strong forces associated with chewing.

Every dental crown needs to be made of incredibly strong materials, and zirconia is a good choice for your child’s molar teeth that exert a lot of force within the back of their mouth. Zirconia is such a strong material that pediatric dentists don’t need to do as much preparation work for a patient’s tooth as well!


When compared to metal-based crowns, zirconia did just as well in five-year studies oriented around dental crown durability and longevity. There have actually been many studies oriented around zirconia crown longevity, and each study has found positive results.


Another important benefit for parents to keep in mind about zirconia crowns is that these dental crowns are very biocompatible. This essentially means that these crowns are much less likely to evoke a reaction or inflammation in a child’s mouth, which can’t always be said for other dental crown materials.

Allergic reactions to dental crowns are something that a lot of parents worry about, but you won’t need to worry about these types of concerns when your child gets porcelain zirconia crowns.

Same-Day Procedures

A lot of pediatric dentists are capable of developing zirconia crowns right inside their offices, which is very different to the alternative of sending molds and impressions into a tooth lab where the crown would be developed. This is revolutionary because child patients can now obtain high-quality zirconia crowns with just one visit to the dentist.

This is all thanks to incredible computer-aided technology that supports the crown development process. So although traditionally you may only need two visits to a dentist to obtain zirconia crowns, this process is being shortened even more with in-house technology at many dental offices!

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When your child needs a dental crown, it can be a very troubling experience for parents. The good news is that there are many pediatric dental experts and new cutting-edge technology that’s making pediatric crowns more affordable and convenient than ever before.

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