5 Important Questions To Ask When Looking For A Personal Trainer Nyack NY

5 Important Questions To Ask When Looking For A Personal Trainer Nyack NY

If you’re looking to get in shape with the help of a personal trainer nyack ny, then it’s inevitable that you have a lot of questions on your mind. No one wants to invest in something like a personal trainer only to find out that it’s not a good fit or that they aren’t being motivated in the right ways, so it’s important to try to get these types of hiring decisions right the first time around!

That’s why you’re going to need to conduct comprehensive interviews with at least a handful of personal trainers in your local area, and we’ve partnered up with the Nyack locals at Rising Legends to develop this list of five important questions that you should keep in mind during these types of interviews.

So here are some questions to consider asking prospective personal trainers:

1. What are your personal trainer certifications?

This is an obvious first question to ask your prospective personal trainer, because you’re going to want to ensure that you’re teaming up with someone that is fully board certified and has met all the minimum requirements to ultimately be a professional personal trainer.

There are many accredited organizations throughout the United States that your personal trainer may be affiliated with, so don’t feel shy to ask them about their certifications and then verify them later on. This is also a good time to ask about any specialties they have within their field, and in general this is just a small part of doing your homework prior to making any hiring decision.

2. Did you get a college degree in physiology or exercise science?

Although these aren’t the only two educational degrees a personal trainer may have, it does speak volumes when they went the extra effort to obtain a formal education oriented around their field. This is simply a sign that they truly care about becoming a personal training expert, and asking about educational background shouldn’t necessarily be a deal or no deal type of scenario.

3. How many years have you been a personal trainer?

This is another question that’ll help you gain the type of reference you need to analyze your best available options, because more experience doesn’t necessarily mean the right match for you and your specific needs! Everyone has to have a beginning in their field somehow, but there of course are plenty of scenarios in which a more experienced personal trainer will be better suited to match your specific needs as compared to a newcomer.

More experience will generally equate to increased knowledge about personal training, this is an important notion to retain in your mind while you’re interviewing.

4. Do you have any referrals or testimonials?

These days, it’s important to obtain more objective understandings as to what it’s like to work with someone prior to jumping in the boat, and this also pertains to personal training specialists. Asking for referrals of past/current clients or any other kind of testimonial will go a long way to see what other people say about a specific personal trainer, and this then will subsequently open you up to all sorts of important questions.

You can also find many online reviews about personal trainers these days, and these can be valuable sources of information as well.

5. What do you like to do beyond personal training?

This is an important question because it’ll help you better understand what your personal trainer is like on a more personal level, because having similar interests can be beneficial when you’re inevitably spending a lot of time working out together.

See what kind of music they like, where they’ve traveled, what outdoor activities they enjoy, and much more!

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There of course are many potential questions that you could ask a perspective personal trainer, and the above questions are just a starting point for you to begin thinking about your own questions.

You can learn more about personal trainer interview questions by speaking directly with Rising Legends specialists by clicking through the link at the top of the blog!