Common Career Options For Working In Foster Care

Common Career Options For Working In Foster Care

There are many careers when it comes to working in foster care!

If you’re interested in working in foster care, then there actually are a lot more career options available to you then you may initially think. This is because the term foster care can actually mean a lot of different things, but in general you can count on these career options working with children in need.

Below we’ll be going over some common career options oriented around working within the foster care niche!

Community Health Worker

Community health workers generally work within a community-run or government-run organization that provides basic services and information to under-serviced, under-represented populations. They also provide rehabilitative and preventative care for young and old community members alike. In this career, you’ll generally help children in foster care with their medical needs.

The average salary for a community health worker is $31,500/year.

Youth Care Worker

Your care workers are trained professionals that help mentor young adolescents and children, and they often work within group homes, community centers and alternative education facilities that help improve the behavioral well-being and emotional intelligence of children.

Your care workers will many times lead activities in groups or one-on-one mentorship sessions that help facilitate emotional and social learning. This type of work will many times be oriented towards children within foster care or receiving other types of social services.

The average salary for a youth care worker is $32,000/year.

Child Adoption Specialist

Child adoption specialists work in both the private and public sectors, and they’re social workers that directly help families and children secure home placements. The primary duties of a child adoption specialists include counseling parents and family members for adoption, completing home inspections, collecting information from community members, conducting interviews and much more.

These are the professionals that will write and review reports regarding a foster parent or child’s personality, social and emotional needs, behavior and more to better assist the child and foster parents in making great matches for permanent homes.

The average salary for a child adoption specialist is $35,500/year.

Foster Care Case Aide

Foster care case aides are the people who work directly alongside social workers. They’ll help file and complete paperwork, provide transportation for families, and support families and foster children with the resources they need, as well as planning and scheduling.

These professionals support social workers when it comes to prioritizing and organizing large caseloads, which is a very important role in the foster care industry.

The average salary for a foster care case aide is $36,000/year.

Children and Family Advocate

Family and children advocates are social workers that specifically help families develop the coping mechanisms, communication skills and wellness plans for a whole variety of purposes. These professionals often work in facilities called Child Advocacy Centers (CACs), and they specifically spend their time supporting the needs of children and their families.

They’ll regularly coordinate with child protective services, probation officers, community service providers, community health workers and other law enforcement officials when supporting foster children and their families.

The average salary for children and family advocates is $36,000/year.

Child Protection Practitioner

Child protection practitioners work specifically with child protection agencies and focus primarily on handling and managing cases oriented around foster children and their adoptive care options. They’ll also be the people who investigate child abuse and neglect allegations and closely interact with law enforcement and schools to better ensure a child’s safety.

The average salary for a child protection practitioner is $45,500/year.

Adoption Coordinator

Adoption coordinators are people who work directly with private adoption agencies and social workers in helping foster children secure permanent homes. The primary duties for this job include interviewing foster children and prospective adoptive parents, writing reports and much more.

They are constantly managing casework schedules and other tasks to support the work of other adoption specialists and social workers.

The average salary for an adoption coordinator is $85,000/year.

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There truly are a lot of options out there if you have a passion for helping children and families in need, and the above career options are just the beginning in terms of working in foster care as a licensed professional.

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