4 Mistakes To Avoid While Planning Out Bulk T Shirt Printing

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Planning Out Bulk T Shirt Printing

bulk t shirt printing requires a lot of attention to detail, and making mistakes can be easy...

If you’ve never been in charge of large custom apparel orders or bulk t shirt printing requests, then it’s likely that you’ll be susceptible to making a handful of mistakes that are always best to be avoided!

The good news is that the custom apparel experts at ARES Sportswear have supported us in developing this list of 4 common mistakes the occur on massive t-shirt orders, so take it from the pros in that you’re going to want to make the most of these types of purchases and ensure that the entirety of the process goes smoothly.

4 Common Mistakes People Make While Ordering Bulk T-Shirts

The following are some of the common mistakes you should avoid while you’re in the process of developing bulk orders of t-shirts:

1. Hiring The First T-Shirt Printing Company That You Find

Once you have a good idea as to what you want your t-shirts to look like, you’ll need to hire a custom t-shirt company to support your needs. But just like with any online purchases and investments these days, you’re going to need to do your research!

Many t-shirt printing businesses will promote themselves via special deals, but you may not realize that their actual platform won’t provide the type of flexibility that you want. That’s why you’re going to need to understand the flexibility in options that you’ll have while deciding who are your most reliable partners.

Some tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for a t-shirt printing platform include:

  • No minimums on your overall amount of custom t-shirts
  • Easy design tools that you’re confident in
  • Several ordering and selling options for your new customized shirts

2. Printing T-Shirts That Are Too Basic Prior To Exploring Your Apparel Options

Once you’ve found the custom apparel company that you’d like to work with for your bulk t-shirt orders, you’re going to need to hone in on what exactly you’re looking for in terms of your order. Although classic crewneck t-shirts are good for certain orders and organizations, you should always go above and beyond to consider what other products are out there that could suit your unique goals.

Our tip is to consider what makes your group/team/project unique, and then make sure that your new shirts reflect this uniqueness. You should also be offered plenty of options when it comes to the style of t-shirts you’ll have to choose from, because there truly are a limitless amount of options that you should know about before simply finalizing something like t-shirt style!

3. Being Complacent With Your T-Shirt Design’s First Draft

Designing your new custom shirts is undoubtedly the most creative portion of this entire process, and this is exactly why you should take your time and try to get some feedback from a bunch of people before making any final decisions.

When you rush through the design phase of your bulk t-shirt order, you’ll ultimately defeat he entire purpose of making the order worthwhile. You shouldn’t doubt your own design skills, but you should also take many factors into consideration beyond style when you’re conducting t-shirt designs.

The good news is that a high-quality custom apparel company will provide you with the support that you’ll need via qualified design specialists!

4. Unnecessarily Inflating Your T-Shirt Costs

There’s a lot that goes into ensuring the smoothness and affordability of your bulk t-shirt orders, which is why you’ll need to keep the following in mind:

  • Quantity of printed shirts
  • Ratio per size
  • Shipping costs

It’s never a good idea to go through this elaborate process to then turn around and sell your shirts for a price that no one is willing to pay! You don’t want to end up with a ton of unused shirts, so navigating your most effective price is an important thing to keep in mind while you’re simultaneously navigating your means of production.

Reach Out To Custom Apparel Specialists To Learn More About Bulk T Shirt Printing!

It’s always exciting when you’re planning out a bulk t-shirt order, because you’re of course keeping a lot of other people in mind. The best thing you can do to ensure the overall success of your next t-shirt order is to partner with experienced industry specialists who’ve helped other people just like you throughout these complicated processes.

You can learn more about bulk t-shirt printing by speaking directly with the industry experts at ARES Sportswear via the link at the top of the blog!