5 Benefits Associated With IV Therapy

5 Benefits Associated With IV Therapy

IV therapy is growing in popularity for many reasons!

IV therapy is becoming increasingly popular all throughout the United States, and on this page we’re going to help you better understand what this type of therapy is and how it can positively impact you and your entire life.

Intravenous therapy (IV therapy) entails a direct hydration and nutrient transport into your bloodstream, and this direct implementation does wonders for the human body in an efficient time period. IV drips used to only be utilized within hospital settings, but now it’s becoming more of a cosmetic procedure due to its incredible benefits.

We’re very fortunate to have partnered up with Balanced Body Functional Med, an iv therapy houston tx specialist, to support us in developing the following list of five benefits associated with IV therapy. So here’s what you need to know about this up-and-coming therapy:

1. Increasing Your Overall Wellness

Wellness pertains to both your physical and your mental health, and your body will always require certain levels of minerals and vitamins in order to obtain an optimal functionality. Daily routines and life demands simply make obtaining these crucial vitamins a little more difficult than it ought to be.

That’s where IV therapy helps to quickly deliver vital nutrients into your body, which almost instantaneously develops a positive ripple effect with your physical and mental health.

2. Preventing Illness

There are so many different factors that impact our immune system, including poor diets, stress and lack of sleep. When your immune health diminishes, you’re leaving yourself at a much higher risk of sicknesses.

But IV therapy can help you be bolstering your immune system and providing your body with the nutrients that it needs to actively ward off all sorts of illnesses. When you introduce B12, Vitamin C, Zinc and much more into your body through IV therapy, you can improve cellular repair and promote healthy blood and bodily system functionality.

3. Providing Instant Hangover Relief

Alcohol is very detrimental to our bodies in terms of dehydration, and this in effect has a negative impact on the nutrients that our bodies need to process. Headaches and muscle aches are common with hangovers due to alcohol shrinking our brain tissue, but IV therapy can help you eliminate these types of hangover symptoms.

Some of the hangover-related benefits associated with IV therapy include:

• Relieving pain through a saline solution

• Mitigating headaches and kidney/urinary problems associated with hangovers

• Introducing an anti-inflammatory medicine called Toradol that combats pain in a whole variety of ways

4. Beauty Enhancement

Beauty is something that originates from the inside out, and IV therapy provides many antioxidants that go directly into our bloodstream. This then does a wonderful job at cleansing our cellular structure from all sorts of free radicals, which end up contributing to tissue damage and signs of aging.

Some of the beauty enhancement benefits associated with IV therapy include:

• Introducing B-complex vitamins that support nail and hair health

• Providing an adequate amount of Vitamin C to help develop radiant, youthful skin through increased collagen production.

• Introducing Glutathione, an antioxidant that effectively fights against aging signs.

5. Supporting Athletic Recovery

Professional athletes and workout specialists are undergoing IV therapy in droves these days for a whole variety of reasons, and this is primarily because IV therapy helps restore our muscles with proper hydration and the nutrients that they’re depleted of during exercise.

Some of the athletic recovery benefits of IV therapy include the following:

• Providing amino acids that improve metabolism and decrease muscle loss

• Providing instant nutritional and hydration delivery to help athletes recover faster and improve their overall performances

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There’s certainly a lot to learn bout IV therapy, and this page merely brushes the surface when it comes to the many benefits associated with this treatment.

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