What You Need to Know About Core Training

What You Need to Know About Core Training

Effectively train your core from your home or gym with this FREE workout!

The Running Room in Kitchener asked me to present core training to their Half and Full Marathon clinics. For those of you that weren't there, here are the Cole's notes!

What is our Core?

Our core is a group of muscles mainly responsible for stabilizing our body during movement. In fancy terms, our core is responsible for anti-extension, anti-rotation, and anti-lateral flexion.

What muscle groups make up our core?

Pelvic Muscles

Hip/Glute Muscles

Abdominal+Oblique Muscles

Back Muscles

Benefits of a strong core (as described From Harvard Medical School)

- Improves back health

- Allows for greater performance in on-the-job tasks, sports, and house work

- Greater balance and stability

How to effectively train your core

In order to effectively train our core, we need to challenge our core in anti-extension, anti-rotation, and anti-lateral flexion. In addition, we need to avoid exercises that compromise back health such as sit-ups and crunches.

Use This Effective Core Training Workout at home or in the gym

Set Up:

- Set a tabata timer to 50 seconds work 20 seconds rest for 5 exercises on tabata timer.

- Pick up a red resistance band,an adjustable kettlebell, and sliders from Fitness Depot to add to your home gym (if you want to get serious).

- Check out my first ever YouTube video below!

Core Training Exercises

Core Workout

Complete this list in order, work 50 seconds and rest 20 seconds for each:

A1. Suitcase Carry (alternate hands each 15 feet)

A2. Bear Crawl Lengths (go forward to the end of room and backwards to return)

A3. Turkish Get Ups (alternate arms each rep)

A4. Hollow Body Hold

A5. Banded High Plank

Repeat 2-3x

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