What I Learned at The CanFitPro World Conference

What I Learned at The CanFitPro World Conference

Here are some FREE apps to help with productivity, weekly meal planning and exercise.

There are only two things that would motivate me to drive downtown Toronto on a Saturday:

1) A Toronto Maple Leafs Game

2) The Can Fit Pro World Fitness Expo

The conference took place at The Metro Toronto Convention Center. I attended a handful of workshops and met with lots of other trainers in the industry. This blog is to give you the best of the best of what I learned.

Fitness/Health Apps Are Both Free and Effective!

There is nothing like a good app! I think we all agree that the best apps are both easy to use and help you with completing a specific task. After hearing about several apps, I spent a week trying them all out. Here are the best of the best:

1) Mealime: (only available on Android)

This app is my personal favorite. Mealime is a healthy meal planning app that you need to try. Here is why:

- The meal planner asks you to pick your meals for the week.

- The meals suggested are based off of your personal preferences (foods you dislike, any allergies you may have, etc). They take between 30-40 minutes to make in reality (unlike Jamie Oliver and his so called '5 minute meals' that take forever!)

- A grocery list for the week is built for you. You can access it offline and check off the things you have.

- It even offers meal options for you poor vegetarians and vegans!

2) Evernote:

This app is a productivity hack. The free version is good for:

- Writing notes

- Capturing ideas

- Clipping pages from the web

You can access your notes from your phone, tablet or desktop (sync across two devices for free). You can even share your notes with friends, family, and colleagues!  Check out Evernote here.

Evernote Overview

3) MapMyRun

The best part about a cardio workout is that it only takes a pair of shoes to do. However, if you want to get a little more fancy - or go a little further with your running - try the MapMyRun App. This app tracks the distance, speed, duration, and elevation of your run. It also allows you to brag about what you did on Facebook if you're in to that (you can also keep things private if you would rather not).

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Jesse Bieman has seven years of fitness experience working  in the corporate, commercial, and municipal sectors. In this time, Jesse has worked with a wide variety of clients including elite athletes, older adults, corporate executives, and youth sports teams.

Jesse is a graduate of a two year Fitness and Health Promotion program at Humber College. In addition, Jesse holds certifications from CPTN (PTS) and Osteoporosis Canada (Bone Fit).

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