Understanding What Is Impotence, Causes and Natural Remedies

Understanding What Is Impotence, Causes and Natural Remedies

What is impotence? Read on to find out more details on each of the risk factors, foods that causes impotence and the natural remedies that comes in handy.

What Is Impotence?

It is a very common problem among men to get an erection and maintain it long enough to have intercourse and ejaculate as a result. This makes them ask questions such as what is impotence.

In medical terms, the lack of ability to get an erection or the lack of ability to ejaculate or both combined can result in problems like impotence. Experts believe that the inability to get an erection can be partial or complete because some impotent men can remain erect shortly. These short-term erection periods are not sufficient to successfully have intercourse with a partner.

Risk Factors

A study conducted on men belonging to various age groups was published in the journal of urology. The study found that the risk of becoming impotent increases with age. The results of the study showed that the chances of a man becoming impotent in his 40s is four times less than the chances of a man becoming impotent in his sixties.

The study also highlighted some other risk factors of impotence such as education, lifestyle, diet, and daily exercise. For example, people who are conscious about their health and routine are less likely to become impotent. Similarly, educated men are more aware of the relationship between their health and the lifestyle they adopt. So, by this, we could deduce that educated men are at a lesser risk of becoming impotent than non-educated men.

Working out and exercising regularly can greatly reduce the risk factors and causes of impotence in men. Read on to find out more details on each of the risk factors.

Causes of Impotence

Impotence can have its roots emerging from health problems or emotional problems. In most cases, impotent men suffer from physical problems and in lesser cases the reason is emotional.

If there is a physical problem it can occur in one of the following forms of physical incapacity:

  • Impotence triggered by a disease – one of the significant causes of impotence is having cardiovascular disease. Diseases such as hypertensive disorder and diabetes mellitus can cause changes in the vascular system resultantly causing impotence in men.
  • Drug interactions – some drugs belonging to the class of protease inhibitors cause impotence as a side effect. These drugs are usually prescribed to treat AIDS caused by HIV.
  • Physical injury – during removal or surgery of the prostate an injury can occur that may cause impotence.

Another vascular disorder that is one of the leading causes of impotence is atherosclerosis. In this vascular disorder, the mechanism that provides a flow of blood to the penis becomes faulty and the person experiences the inability to get an erection.

Difference Between Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence

Erectile dysfunction is a more common and socially acceptable name for impotence. It has become a norm to use the term erectile dysfunction in place of impotence because modern ads use this term frequently.

Foods that Cause Impotence

It is a known fact that a healthy diet leads to a healthy life. Similarly, better selection of what you eat can lead to better sex.

Typically, people who drink excessively and / or eat a diet of heavy, processed foods before sex often lead to the inability to get or maintain an erection. This may sound bizarre, but there are foods that can actually cause impotence.

It is important to know that foods that cause impotence don’t actually act in the region where the penis is located. The interaction of these foods is more associated with the levels of sex hormones in the body. For men, testosterone is the most important hormone, and foods that interfere with testosterone balance can prevent the penis from rising to the occasion. Some of the foods that cause impotence include the following:

  • Processed carbohydrates – these carbohydrates are everywhere. They are tasty to eat but another effect on the body is obesity. An obese person has increased estrogen production and decreased testosterone in their system. Lower testosterone level contributes towards impotence in men.
  • Meat that is not farm-raised – meat is known for its richness in proteins. It is important to know the type of meat that ends up in the diet. Animals are not always raised on a farm and fed green grass. It is better to stay away from the meat that is raised on steroids and antibiotics. The accumulation of these things in the body can alter the level of testosterone.
  • Soda – sugary drinks such as flavored soda contain corn syrup. These drinks are addicting and they have recently attracted a lot of attention. The consumption of corn syrup in a regular diet causes the cholesterol level in the body to rise. Increased cholesterol damages the blood vessels in the penis.
  • Milk and milk products – milk products such as cheese are packed with unhealthy fat. Accumulation of saturated fat can cause the blood vessels to choke. This hampers the blood supply to the penis. A study regarding consumption of dairy products and impotence showed that milk from hormone-fed cows caused reduced sperm motility in men.
  • Mentha (Mint) – scientific studies have found that mint can decrease the level of circulating testosterone in the body. A decrease in testosterone can reduce libido significantly. People who consume mint regularly can face the problem of low sex drive and even an inability to get an erection.

Now, we know the foods to steer clear from because they cause impotence; the next thing to know is the remedies to treat impotence.

Conventional Ways to Alleviate Problems Like Impotence

Advances in medicine and research science mean that impotence can be reduced in men of any age group. Conventional ways to help with impotence in men are the following:

  • Penis pump – these devices can make a penis erect for a considerable time because of the vacuum action.
  • Talking to a therapist – a psychotherapist can help men with impotence deal with the emotional problems that might be the underlying problem.
  • Drug treatment – many over-the-counter drugs are available that are aimed at treating impotence in men

Natural Remedies for Impotence

Research has shown that natural remedies for impotence show significant results. Some of the natural remedies for impotence are the following:

  • Yohimbe extract
  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Ginseng

Nowadays, a lot of products are available in the market which combine these natural herbs and aphrodisiac substances in a specific amount to maximize their suitability and efficacy in helping with impotence. Some useful products like arginine cream, ayurvedic fertility booster, and virility complex from the Whole Family Products Shop have been positively reviewed and recommended by many users in helping with problems like impotence, as well as general circulation issues. You can use them for better results after consulting your doctor to assess the effect of the ingredients.