When a Great Opportunity Shows Up

When a Great Opportunity Shows Up

Every now and again an opportunity comes along and you didn't even know you were looking for it! Something that fits into our own values of helping others.

When Opportunity Shows Up

Every now and again an opportunity comes along and you didn't even know you were looking for it! I was ready to take a break from Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and Home based businesses! I had just closed my Beauty business and was selling off my stock, when my friend stopped by to pick up some lipstick.

She brought her VoxxLife HPT socks and insoles with her to do a demo on me, She had been trying to get me to look at the insoles for the better part of the summer and I kept avoiding her. I just didn't want to get involved in another business. I was actually thinking about looking for a part time job.

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VoxxLife HPT

After the demo, my brain started thinking about all the people in my life who could benefit from this technology. I looked at the website and saw that I could sign up for $40 +tx & Shipping, be able to buy at wholesale and help the people I knew who were in pain.

It was a no brainer to me.

By the time my friend got home I had signed up. I told her that I was not interested in building a business at this time and that I would revisit the business side in January. Then, I got relief from my hip, knee and ankle pain, my dad got relief from his plantar fasciitis, my husband was having less knee pain and better balance and stability while in the tree working, and my daughter had less pain in her knees while at work.

Next thing I know I am sharing the tech with my friends and people are seeing results, many of them instantly, People are joining my team and bam, I hit my first rank advancement and I'm now making a team commission (not why I joined, but definitely NICE)!

Why I am sharing this?

I am sharing all of this to say, Be OPEN to opportunity when it shows up, you just never know, it may be exactly what you have been hoping and praying for.

January is a great time to start a business! Just sayin...

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