VoxXenial Team Leader - Bev Kesselring

VoxXenial Team Leader - Bev Kesselring

Faith & Family are everything to Bev! With four growing children that she home educates, Bev is passionate, patient, organized, a great leader in the community.

Located in Kitchener Ontario

Bev joined the VoxxLife team in September 2016 and by sharing her passion with others has advanced to Team Leader

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Voxxlife Team Leader

Bev is a natural when it comes to teaching and nurturing. She home educates her four children and is active within her church. Her youngest son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and requires consistent supervision to manage his insulin requirements. Bev finds a way to manage her family, their special situation and grow a team with VoxxLife, with people helping people.

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Bev Kesselring's Family

When Bev was introduced to the product she was suffering from sciatic pain and a painful ankle from a baseball injury. Visits to the Chiropractor didn’t see much relief and Bev was in a lot of pain. Bev says, "It's worth a try since nothing else is working."

Well it did work and continues to work and now Bev shares her story and her love of the neuro technology in the socks and insoles to help improve the quality of life and improve a variety of types of painful conditions for others.

Bev and her husband Shawn, will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in January. A wonderful way to start a New Year and now as she continues to share and 'voxx' people, she is creating a nice residual income to invest in her daughter's education. Her daughter will be going to school in Zambia for 2 years.

What an adventure that will be!

VoxXenials, People Helping People, VoxxLIfe HPT

Bev Kesselring and her daughter

To reach Bev visit her Voxx Website HERE

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