The beauty industry continues to struggle with plastic issues. As a matter of fact, the beauty industry is by far the biggest culprit behind pollution.

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They rely on chemicals in order to increase their profit margins. However, the good news is that greener beauty products are becoming more and more common. It is because brands are sticking to sustainable ingredients. They are using organic materials to make cleansing gel, whitening creams, oil removal facials, etc.

We've collected our top picks from the most sustainable beauty brands. So let’s dive into the list without further ado:

1. Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty prides itself on having the highest safety and sustainability standards. This means you can find products that you love without compromising on the quality one bit. Besides, owing to greener practices, their products are also quite affordable. We are particularly referring to the cleansing gel which works as a fine organic face cleanser.

Before marketing any product, they carefully research and test it from beauty professionals. All ingredients are listed on the website, even though they have been field-tested by beauty experts before being stocked. Credo offers frequent buyers a rewards program.

2. Garnier

Each Garnier product is certified worldwide by Cruelty-Free International under its Leaping Bunny program, which is no small achievement. It is one of the prominent factors that make Garnier amongst the most recognized brands across the globe.

The brand gave up animal testing back in 1989. It was the era when not many activists and organizations spoke against this cruel practice. Garnier spent 18 months seeking declarations from over 500 suppliers that supply more than 3,000 ingredients to ensure that every inch of its global hair and skin portfolio is cruelty-free.

This landmark decision popped up on the scene just a few months after the brand launched its Green Beauty initiative in 2020. Garnier stated that it is trying to reduce its environmental impact. Many of Garnier's recent launches are environmentally friendly, including no waste make-up removal pads and shampoo bars.

It also set a number of goals that it hopes to reach by 2025. The targets chiefly include zero virgin plastic, carbon-neutral industrial sites, and 100 percent recyclable plastic packaging.

3. Lesse

Lesse sticks to the philosophy of “less is more”. This philosophy is translated into three essential products that will make up for your entire routine. It's organic skincare simplified to the essentials and uses powerful antioxidants to promote healthy skin. They work like a charm. It was recently introduced by the brand and has quickly sneaked into the nighttime routine thanks to its gentle but effective exfoliating grains.

Lesse's founder is very outspoken about climate change and is a great example of a brand that strives to deliver high-quality products using natural ingredients in sustainable packaging. All products are housed in glass or recyclable aluminum tubes. So much so, they have even stopped using labels to minimize the waste. As an alternative, they work with a company that handprints each glass bottle. They use recycled paper for all packaging and boxes. In fact, they plan to make their factory net zero in the next three years.

The Final Verdict

Not long ago, people barely cared about green products. Our elders would typically buy any cosmetic commodity that promised instant results. But things have changed now. From cleansing gels to shampoos, modern-day consumers are looking for sustainable products. One of the biggest reasons behind this is that we have become more conscious of climate change in recent years. Luckily, the brands mentioned above have realized their corporate responsibility and are leaving no stone unturned to make a statement.