What Are The Tell-Tale Signs Of Food Sensitivity

What Are The Tell-Tale Signs Of Food Sensitivity

Food intolerances and food sensitivities are distinct from food allergies. They can cause a completely different set of symptoms.

It is possible to quickly resolve symptoms of food sensitivities by learning how to customize your diet to provide the best nutrition to your body.

The Definition Of Food Sensitivity

A large percentage of people experience symptoms after eating certain foods. These symptoms are not caused by food intolerances, food allergies, or celiac diseases. These symptoms are known as food sensitivities. Although there are many questions about what happens to the body of someone with food sensitivities, it seems that certain foods can trigger an immune reaction that causes a variety of issues. Albeit not life-threatening, they can cause severe discomfort. So what are those symptoms of food sensitivity? Let’s shed light on them in the following section:

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• Dark circles

These dark circles, also known as "allergic shiners," are caused by poor circulation in the small blood vessels beneath your eyes. Dark circles and puffiness can be caused by the veins swelling and darkening. These cosmetic issues can also be caused by environmental allergies, but food sensitivities may be one of the reasons behind stimulating this issue.

• Respiratory Symptoms

The symptoms of inflammation in the respiratory system include a runny nose and nasal congestion. Researchers believe foods such as fish, eggs, milk, and eggs may be a contributing factor to asthma and other suchlike symptoms.

The development of nasal polyps, which is abnormal tissue growth in the lining and nose, has been tentatively connected to salicylate sensitivity.

• Headache & Migraine

There are many triggers for migraines and headaches. These can include everything from light, sound, smells, and even the weather. It can be hard to determine if they are caused by food sensitivity.

About 25% of migraine sufferers believe that food is to blame. One study found that 56 migraineurs had an unusually high IgG versus 6 to 30 foods. Only 26% of healthy controls had IgG sensitivity against less than 4 foods. However, elimination diets that are based on IgG results have not had the best results.

• You Get Sick With Every Cold Or Flu

If your immune system is constantly fighting inflammation from food sensitivities, you may feel tired and depleted. I would also get sick several times a year with chronic sinus congestion. Food has a direct impact on our health. It is the foundation of every treatment plan I create for my patients.

• Acne Breakouts Are Common, Specially On Your Chin And Cheeks

Cystic acne was something I experienced once in my life. From personal experience, I know how damaging this can be to self-esteem.

I now know that your skin health is an indicator of your digestive health. It is also a way for us to evaluate your hormone balance and health. Your cheeks and chin represent the stomach and large intestine and acupuncture meridians. Both of these are important in the digestion process. I have seen a pattern in my practice: If you experience acne on your cheeks or chin, it could be a symptom of food sensitivity.