3 Questions You Should Ask an RMT Before Deciding to Work with Them

3 Questions You Should Ask an RMT Before Deciding to Work with Them

Massage Therapy is one of the earliest forms of medical treatment often said to be the most natural and instinctive means of relieving discomfort and pain.

Registered Massage Therapists are highly trained in anatomy, physiology, advanced orthopedic assessment, neurological evaluations, and extensive pathology etc. They are qualified to perform health assessments to determine when massage is a suitable treatment option, perform bodywork techniques, and various other massage treatments.

What to expect from the RMT’s at Belmont Natural Health Centre

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These are three important questions to ask, and have the answers for; before deciding to work with an RMT

1. What is your treatment philosophy

Although registered massage therapists (RMT) have the same basic knowledge, the way each individual RMT treats can still vary a fair amount. This can be affected by things such as the continuing education courses they pursue and the space they treat out of (ex. spa vs sports clinic). Finding an RMT that is the right match for you is part of pursuing this health care avenue.

2. What are your fees?

It is best to know what the cost of treatment is before pursuing it so there aren't any surprises. RMTs are obligated to make you aware of their fees by posting them in a location where clients may see it (often in their treatment space/at front desk/on their website

3. Is massage right for me?

Based on your health history (which is completed before or upon arrival to your first appointment) massage may be contraindicated (no massage therapy can be pursued), locally contraindicated (that area/aspect of the body would be omitted from treatment), and/or require modifications.

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