Could Food Sensitivities Be the Cause of Your Digestive Issues?

Could Food Sensitivities Be the Cause of Your Digestive Issues?

We are all unique - and our stomachs and digestive systems are no different. Just because a food is 'healthy' doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you!

Traditional food allergies are nothing to take lightly - they can be extremely dangerous. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a poor reaction to certain types of foods. While food allergies and food sensitivities are very different things, food sensitivities could be wreaking havoc on your health.

A food allergy is when a food causes a full immune system reaction, typically affecting multiple organs in the body, and causing potentially life-threatening reactions.

A food intolerance or sensitivity is typically a less serious reaction in the digestive system to what you are eating.

The problem with a food intolerance is that your body may not even show symptoms until a few days after it’s been consumed - which is why they can be so hard to identify.

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Healthy doesn't necessarily mean right for you!

If you are displaying symptoms you think could be from a food intolerance, there’s a pretty simple test:

Stop eating them!

By following an elimination diet (eliminating the food or foods you think may be causing some issues), your digestive system will have a chance to reset, and you will be able to detect any patterns in foods consumed and subsequent reactions.

Once you are symptom free for at least two weeks, you can try adding back the suspected foods into your diet - if the symptoms pop up again, you’ll know exactly which food caused it, and know to avoid it in the future.

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Diagnosing (and treating) food allergies and intolerances is tough - the team at Belmont Natural Health Centre has the expertise and experience to help make this process a bit easier.

If you're looking for more information, support on your current program, or a fully customized allergy and intolerance program, click HERE to contact the professionals at Belmont Natural Health Centre.