Are we coming to the end of a decade and the start of new things?

Are we coming to the end of a decade and the start of new things?
12 months ago

Depending on who you ask some say 2020 starts a new decade and others think it is 2021. One thing for sure it's always time to be prepared for all life's events

Bellies Inc has gone through some transitions this year and is now solely owned by Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach and also owner of Pelvienne Wellness. We look forward to serving you and all your pelvic needs in 2020! We some great ways to take care of yourself and be prepared for those special events with confidence.

Are you going to be a new mom?

Bellies Inc is introducing Prepare to Push™ Online - The Most Innovative Birth Preparation Program Available!

Would you run a marathon without training for it? Labour is like 4-6 marathons.

Bellies Inc, Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach

The Prepare to Push™ program applies the fitness principle of specificity to labour and birth prep. You need to train for your big event using movement and exercise that is as close to the event as possible.

Prepare to Push™ Online gives you the essential information about your pelvic floor and abdomen in birth AND recovery. Education videos, exercises (both strengthening and stretching), and targeted info and techniques for the pelvic floor (beyond just 'do your Kegels’) and the abdomen - have you heard of diastasis recti? Plus. you get a full recovery protocol because like any major event, you need to factor in the recovery.

Prepare to Push™ Online is a comprehensive labour, birth, and recovery program. There are 43 lessons, all stored inside your exclusive members' only portal. You get lifetime access to instructional videos, images, exercises, workouts, product recommendations, informative articles, and so much more.

Bellies Inc, Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach

Are you have problems with leaking and tired of wearing pads?

You deserve body confidence and it all starts with the pelvic floor!

January 6th. 2020

Starting Jan 06th The 28 Day 'Buff Muff' Kegel Challenge will take You from Daily Pads to Leak Free Living!

Click HERE to get more information and sign up. Incontinence, chronic back pain, and organ prolapse are common challenges for women but they are not something you need to live with or accept as normal.

The 28- day challenge is also for women who have NO SYMPTOMS and are looking to be proactive about their pelvic health so that they never get the common symptoms many women struggle with.

We look forward to helping you feel your best and be your best in the New Year!