Bathroom Renovation: Useful Recommendations From Professional Home Builders!

Bathroom Renovation: Useful Recommendations From Professional Home Builders!

Those who have had a chance to make repairs in the bathroom know firsthand how troublesome this work is. Even though it is a small room in an apartment, its renovation requires professional home building contractors. With lots of experience, they can quickly draw up a plan for the renovation of your home’s bathroom and give it a completely new look.

Planning And Zoning

While planning a bathroom, most people have the dilemma- whether they should have a separate or combined bathroom. This is an individual question, so think about your needs first. Generally, a combined bathroom is not the best option for large families. There are three functional areas in the bathroom: sink toilet, bath/shower, + additional storage area (even if it's just one locker) so that the zones are separated from each other. It helps several family members to use the bathroom at one time. For this, construction workers divide the bathroom into small rooms with walls made of brick, reinforced concrete, or moisture-resistant drywall. Such walls need waterproofing. As a rule, the shower area is separated by a glass structure. It looks elegant and doesn’t get affected by water.

Choose A Style AndColor Scheme

When choosing a style, construction workers keep people’s needs and bathroom size in mind. So, for a small room, opt for minimalism. If your bathroom is large, choose a classic style. As for the color scheme, it is enough to use from three to six shades in the interior of the bathroom. It is easier to start from the style or choose a neutral palette: black, ivory, gray, beige, pastel shades of blue, or green. Always keep in mind that snow-white surfaces look sterile, and they also require intense care and maintenance.

Select High-quality Finishing Materials

Choose materials that are moisture-proof, safe, and easy to clean for bathroom floors and walls. The most common is tile: it is easy to wash, eco-friendly, and a bonus is a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. Natural stone is attractive from an aesthetic perspective, but it is expensive and not the safest option (as you can slip on it while using the bathroom).

For walls, you must choose tiles or porcelain stoneware. In a small bathroom interior, glossy tiles will fit well, reflecting glare and visually enlarging the interior. From the point of practicality, it is better to make the ceiling stretch as it fits into any design, does not pass water, and even such ceilings are easy to clean. There is no place to accumulate dust. You can also use plastic panels made of PVC.

Bath or Shower?

Unfortunately, choosing between a bathtub and a walk-in shower is not the same as selecting a right or left Twix wand. You can choose any one of them as per your individual preference. This table will help you-

Shower ● It takes up a little space,

● Lower prices,

● It saves a lot of water and money,

● Additional accessories (lightning, hydromassage)

Bath ● Opportunity to relax,

● It can be used in medical and healthcare services,

● Convenient for all, especially children.


While buying bathroom furniture, make sure that it offers reliable protection from moisture and temperature changes. You don't want your favorite cabinets and countertops to get swollen, cracked, or covered with harmful mold. Furniture made from materials such as MDF boards and veneers treated with unique compounds, plastic, glass, the natural or artificial stone will be salvation.


A clean bathroom is necessary to maintain hygiene. Therefore, place mops and rags in the pantry, a laundry basket in the same place, a hairdryer, combs, and numerous bottles in living rooms or opaque lockers. For safety reasons, do not forget to equip the bathroom with reliable handrails and an anti-slip mat. Modern bathroom design is hard to imagine without a mirror. Please note that bathroom mirrors differ from their indoor counterparts: they are covered with a unique anti-fogging film.

If you are bored with your old-fashioned bathroom and want to give it a completely new look, give a call to the largest residential construction companies in Midland, Texas, without having any second thought in mind. Their experts will redesign your bathroom as per your choice and make it more useful.