Features of Airbnb like App development

Features of Airbnb like App development

To start with, there was no Airbnb as we know it in the early days. Instead, the website for renting and renting out short-term accommodation or shared spaces.

Airbnb is a website that was founded on the concept of developing robust peer-to-peer rental platforms for specific industries such as vacations, cars, office space, boats, and so on. An Airbnb clone app designed with the latest technology makes this procedure as simple as possible by incorporating features and specs to start rental platforms.

Particularly when replicating the features of Airbnb-like applications in some key cities, we need to focus on things like Host, Guest, and Admin, and what kind of role and access they receive to manage the rental business. And we should start by identifying the most common features that an Airbnb clone app service might have.

Login-Sign Up

The first and most important function that every end-user requires is to be able to log in to the app using social media or Google direct login to make the signup process quick and easy, as well as to be able to see the products as soon as they enter the app without hesitation and to make a good first impression.

It All Comes Down to Roles and Access

Three types of responsibilities are frequently required when managing a rental business application.

  • The Host can add/remove admins as well as modify the application's settings.
  • The administrator can add or remove rental products for your sharing economy platform.
  • Customers can inquire about products and message customer service with any questions before confirming and paying for them.
  • The application should be user-friendly and multilingual, especially for guests.
  • These things assist everyone on their side in running the market more efficiently and without interruptions.

Product Specifications

Goods, real estate, and services are all examples of commodities. Yes, despite all ideologies, the client has the final say in matters of consumer choice; therefore, ensure that the customer has a secure booking process on the platform. Aside from that, the specifications should be clear so that you can make an informed platform choice. You can improve your website by allowing hosts to do the following:

  • Upload photos that are both flawless and genuine.
  • Give a thorough description, including pricing details.
  • Review and rating administration
  • Offers and information on the properties are available.

Guests can make an informed decision based on the host's performance as well as a variety of other factors when viewing any of the above-mentioned listings.

Notifications through Push

Once a customer expresses interest in our business, it is our obligation to remind them of the plans, dates, and times through push notifications, as well as for remarketing purposes by asking them to introduce their friends to increase the number of members for the business.


Pricing is the last thing a guest should be concerned about since when it comes to online bookings, customers will be confronted with a variety of charges that should not deter them from confirming the reservation, such as

Fees for Currency Exchange

Value-Added Taxes (VAT) and Location-Based Taxes (LBT)

Taxes that are based on where you live

Service Charges

In terms of ‘For what I’m paying’ and ‘How much is it?’, payment details should be easy and understandable to the client. These are the main elements on which we should focus more.

So far, we’ve reviewed the features of what we’ll need for the Airbnb application development, and if you’d like to learn more about Airbnb, including application development, please contact us.

How to Build an App Like Airbnb: Team and Technologies

To build an app similar to Airbnb, better hire a dedicated team from a travel app development company. The proposed team composition is:

  • Part-time UX/UI designer;
  • Frontend engineer;
  • Backend engineer;
  • Part-time QA specialist.

If you decide to go with Anadea, the cost of one week of work will be calculated as follows ($50 is hour standard hourly rate):

Mind this is an approximate number that depends on the actual workload of specialists. To elaborate, you do not need the designer all the way through which is why they are not included in the formula. Once prototypes are created, which is usually in a week, frontend developers come into play and work on the designer’s prototypes. The process to develop an app like Airbnb will take approximately 16 weeks.

Technologies we would use to build a website for travel booking are:

  • Frontend: React.js
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, Django/Python
  • Database: PostgreSQL

The technology stack to build a rental mobile application will depend on the platform (iOS pr Android). See details on the Mobile App Development Services page.