Massage Therapy and Why it Works for Athletes

Massage Therapy and Why it Works for Athletes

Massage improves performance, reduces pain, prevents injury and shortens recovery time.

There is a strong reason why a majority of professional athletes swear by massage therapy. Massage improves performance, reduces pain, prevents injury and shortens recovery time, among many other benefits it brings to your body.

Benefits of massage therapy for athletes

The benefits of massage aren’t just for professional athletes. Anyone who leads a physically active life and participates in any sort of a regular exercise program will feel the positive effects.

Even though many people don’t realize it, massage affects the cardiovascular system. It promotes circulation by dilating blood vessels, helping them to operate more efficiently. During massage therapy, fresh oxygen and nutrients get delivered to the tissue which promotes the removal of toxins and waste products from your body.

The benefits of massage therapy to the muscular system are more known to the majority of people. One of these benefits is tied directly to the cardiovascular benefits: enhanced blood circulation helps relieve muscle tension and reduces soreness.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Some of the benefits you can expect from massage therapy:

- Increased flexibility: by stretching the muscle fibers, massage promotes and maintains flexibility.

- Improved circulation

- Improved quality of sleep: regular massage promotes optimal sleep patterns.

- Increased relaxation levels: massage places a person’s body and mind in a blissfully relaxed state which reduces the negative effects of everyday stress

- Shortened recovery time: many waste products build up in the muscles post-exercise, and massage helps them get rid of these toxins more quickly by increasing circulation, thus recovery time between workouts gets shortened.

- Future Injury Prevention: by stretching the connective tissue, the massage therapist helps stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Virtually anyone who leads an active life can feel the benefits of massage therapy, even if there is no injury involved. A wide variety of techniques is used for producing positive effects throughout the body, even for children and seniors. There is no age limit for enjoying massage therapy treatments.

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